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which do u prefer?RP or AmE?




i get a couple of buddies from UK and US,it seems to me the way they talk are kinda different,i c it,cuz i m studying the AmE'n British E,i prefer AmE ,cuz it sounds better,but RP is more formal,which duja prefer

03:27 AM Jan 10 2009 |

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United States

I’m American and I can say it makes no difference to me!!
It matter so much more what the person says than what accent they use when they say it.
But it is a good question, I know some people that have some strong opinions on it!
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03:58 AM Jan 10 2009 |




I have no strong feeling about these two kind of language. But I think they have little difference.

05:28 AM Jan 10 2009 |




I’m American and I can say it makes no difference to me!!

Sorry Rachel but I'm afraid I don't agree with you.

For us is a great difference among UK, American, Australian etc. English.

Personally I find the UK English clearer than other even if I like more American English..

08:40 AM Jan 10 2009 |




my UK friend seemed to act a bit radical about USA,in his words,UShas no original culture and original language ,slang is the thing they invnented to talk with. i am in a impartial side,i figure,US worths full respect for its pioneering spirit and more

09:03 AM Jan 10 2009 |