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What is Love?


Serbia and Montenegro


  Have you ever thought about Love? What does "Love" mean?

Is this something just between girl and boy, ore it can be manifested in other ways. 

Does love have any deep spiritual and divine dimension of his reflection?

I think, today humanity has everything, but humanity doesn't have love. 

Yes, because we are killing each other? 

Why we don't have love? 

 best regards


11:11 PM Feb 25 2009 |

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     Well…a good topic u select my brother,here i will give u my point of view ….first,love is something beautiful; it's an emotional feeling that we have towards a specific someone or something…and love can be manifested in many aspects…for ex: lest us to start with the love in side our houses…this love is very recommended (between the husband and his wife…between..the children…between the parents and their kids)....or a love of your country…....love of peace .of poor people.of handicaps….but unfortunatly…nowadays all this kinds have been substituted by what is so-called ..love u boyfriend u girlfriend ….this is my modest opinion…take care.

11:56 PM Feb 25 2009 |

Village girl


It isn't something that words can explain… True love is far more complicated, at the same time it is simple too. It is a pain that is sweet.

Love is not just the love between two lovers. It is so vast, innocent, immortal and irresistible. It is the greatest of all emotions.

 As Shakespeare said,

 " Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken;" :)

Nice topic blackstonesi!

11:09 AM Feb 26 2009 |


Serbia and Montenegro

Thank you, you all re welcome, but it seems that people (we) are not interested in discussions about deep topics, like love, or things that we have to discuss. 

Thanks, village girl, you're welcome, bye

11:52 AM Feb 26 2009 |



It is a good topic .many people think the love only with girl and boy,but i do not agree it. because people have different ships with each other.so i think you can have love with many people such as your parents and friengs ,sometimes you hear somebody have some bad things you will help them,i thingk this islove ,too! this is only my opinon.

12:38 PM Feb 26 2009 |

just do


If  more love in zhe world  ,  more beautiful  it  will  been .

So  i  belive  it  happens between  you  and  me  .


03:19 PM Feb 26 2009 |




in my eyes , love is connection with passion ,"fire" ....

01:50 AM Feb 27 2009 |




Love is feeling Laughing

04:23 PM Feb 27 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Love is following the addiction of something

06:14 PM Feb 27 2009 |