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Why mr. Ahmadinejad the presidend of Iran reelected and what do you think of Iran?



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think the most important thing that segregates Iran to the other countries is Ahmadinejad.

Over 70 percent of people that could vote and had the legal age joined, and voted to the other candidates , except Ahmadinejad, to Ahmadinejad loss in elections.

But as the goverments cheated and changed the people's votes Ahmadinejad became our president again.

When the people heard the news that he is reelected again all of the people were shocked that how this impossible news is now possible?

This is our today people's question. And now our polices are fighting with our people to prevent them from attacking to the goverments.

This is not the Iran in the past that nowadays Iran have a bad face to all the countries in the world.

If you have read about the Iran's history you will understand that what a high culture and rich culture and history and big men in the world we had and have!

We have the most old historical places in the world that no country has it!

We have the most rich history in the world that no country has it! 

We were the most powerful country in the world that no country wasn't!

We had the best  architects in the world that no country has it!

So don't make a terrible situation and culture in Iran! Iran was the best! The Revolution made it bad!

We have a lots of Iranian people that they are teaching in best universities around the world.  And working in NASA and other places!

So it's better to take a look at Iran and make your information higher!

Take an hour just and hour to teach the others that What was Iran and now what is it!

Thanks for taking time for reading.

Now send comment to tell the others what do you think of Iran and it's president?



02:53 PM Jun 13 2009 |

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03:15 PM Jun 29 2009 |




Ahmadinejad  strong leader. i esteem him 

i can't undestand why iranian trust in west media

Western Powers have only interest in iran and i don't really think that they care of iranian peoples

good luck Iran

07:33 PM Jun 29 2009 |



Solidarity is strength,I think Iran should deal with internal conflicts carefully and prevent from external disintegrating them.

02:56 AM Jun 30 2009 |




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05:24 AM Jun 30 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of



07:14 AM Jun 30 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


 Let me say some important things here:

As u know everything has its own rules & we have to obey them to reach the real results,

if we don't obey them we can't reach any real result.

 Let me point to some of the rules for discussions:

1. The issue (your questions) should be so clear (don't use some complicating issues).

2. The Answers must be so clear too (don't use some complicating Answers).

3. We have to concentrate just on one issue, so we can't talk about many things which maybe none or some of them aren't important or haven't any relation with the main issue (if u have something to say which is different u have to make a new post & others will go there & will answer u - for example if the issue is about election u have to talk just about it not anything else as u know some ones maybe want to push u to the wrong way &. In the final u can't achieve anything from your participation in that subject – if they want to say something else about Iran, u have to lead them to other posts about those issues not in the issues about election. ) (let you & others to understand whatever you say & whatever they reply).

4. If you ask something, you have to listen the answers too (if you want say your own words keep it for yourself in your heart).

5. if you come to a public area u have to respect others, so don't insult them at all, In this case they think you don't have a reach knowledge about the issue so u r change the main subject with insulting (beside in public area we have to show our nice manner too, as you know we shouldn't insult others at all, even some ones who their opinions are different with our sights).

6. We have to thanks others who come & participate in our issues, of course they have to respect us & obey the rules of debates too).

 7. Try to talk reasonable; don't say something which u may can't prove it with any logical rules.

8. If u see the Answers are logical & they are against your opinion, be such brave & smart to show your ability to accept it (don't discuss whit out any result & meaning).

9. Be sure we are here to learn something not fighting so we have to respect to others who are helping us with their participating in our issues which will improve our brain abilities.

 10. if you see I have said don't allow the others to interfere in our local issues, I meant :

• We have to try keeping our issues in our family.

• We can request help just for logical helps to solve our problem, not let them to say whatever they want & push the problems to go deeper & destroy our family or country , so if some one come here & help us to keep our unity ,he /she welcomes .

• Don't use any insulting words against each others, if u use some bad words against your president or someone else ,in fact you are allow them to insult you & our government too(it is illegal).

• Of course some time we may are angry & say something wrong, we have to be brave to apologize.



07:15 AM Jun 30 2009 |

Kath Rosa

Kath Rosa


his ideas about politics are all wet,so old and democratiless

iranians and the history of this country don't deserve all tensions and fight around there,but this is a topic is for iraian people solut

and I hope for the peace

01:15 AM Jul 01 2009 |



Democracy can provide food, house and money?
Absolutely not, if so, US hasn't financial crisis.
Democracy can provide peace
Absolutely not, If so, Iraq hasn't kill, dead.
Don't dream of democracy of US, it can't match with all of contries.
Pls try to find a way that match with your contry to develop.


02:22 AM Jul 02 2009 |