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Why mr. Ahmadinejad the presidend of Iran reelected and what do you think of Iran?



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think the most important thing that segregates Iran to the other countries is Ahmadinejad.

Over 70 percent of people that could vote and had the legal age joined, and voted to the other candidates , except Ahmadinejad, to Ahmadinejad loss in elections.

But as the goverments cheated and changed the people's votes Ahmadinejad became our president again.

When the people heard the news that he is reelected again all of the people were shocked that how this impossible news is now possible?

This is our today people's question. And now our polices are fighting with our people to prevent them from attacking to the goverments.

This is not the Iran in the past that nowadays Iran have a bad face to all the countries in the world.

If you have read about the Iran's history you will understand that what a high culture and rich culture and history and big men in the world we had and have!

We have the most old historical places in the world that no country has it!

We have the most rich history in the world that no country has it! 

We were the most powerful country in the world that no country wasn't!

We had the best  architects in the world that no country has it!

So don't make a terrible situation and culture in Iran! Iran was the best! The Revolution made it bad!

We have a lots of Iranian people that they are teaching in best universities around the world.  And working in NASA and other places!

So it's better to take a look at Iran and make your information higher!

Take an hour just and hour to teach the others that What was Iran and now what is it!

Thanks for taking time for reading.

Now send comment to tell the others what do you think of Iran and it's president?



02:53 PM Jun 13 2009 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

...Melate to ma shodim KOROSHE VALA!!!!!!....

11:39 AM Jun 14 2009 |

fisher van

fisher van


actually i don't knw detailed Iran situation but when i see the latest inflation and unemployment rate in this country, i have to say it is more important to concentrate on economy more than politics.

01:24 PM Jun 14 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes, our president wants to fight with the other countries. He just think that being president is to making bad relation with other countries.

10:18 PM Jun 14 2009 |




I think because of lot of people in there like his antiwestern countries political line

09:32 AM Jun 15 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes , but as you see the demonstrations in Iran that in every city we are demonstrating shows that people hate our president! It shows that we don't wanna be our president but the governments cheated!

Actually Musavi is our real president he go 19 million votes and Ahmadinejad got 5 million votes!

Musavi is going and trying to kick him out!

02:23 PM Jun 15 2009 |



i;ve heard in the media that Musavi is responsable for giving orders to kill 30 000 opponents(I donn't know wich opponents exectly)

anyway if this is a true let me know what does media mean.


11:02 AM Jun 19 2009 |



I think that Iran is great country with interesting history. But great Iranian world of ancient time was shrunken and the west don’t interesting in justice only pragmatic policy

10:00 PM Jun 19 2009 |



I don't know!!!

07:19 AM Jun 20 2009 |

ice cold

ice cold


i don't know much about Iran becoz our media doesnt cover much about Iran

03:58 PM Jun 20 2009 |