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Do you believe in love at first sight ?




1.Do you believe in love at first sight ?
2.Which facial features (eyes, nose,  mouth….etc.) do you attach great importance to people's appearance ? otherwise people's figure ?

06:12 AM Sep 08 2009 |

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i believe but that stupid.

2.eyes. good apprearance always attracts me. what should i do, i like good looking man… figure?important.i hate people too fat or too thin

07:03 AM Sep 08 2009 |




no, don`t believe

it`s also eyes and face in general

08:19 AM Sep 08 2009 |




ya..i believe, but the other person must aslo believe in that….

 ya i agree with you..its obviously the eyes that attracts first..then lips..

03:09 PM Sep 08 2009 |




No, I don't believe in it at all as love is based on the companionship and mutual situations that happened between both of the partners.We may admire or attract to each other at first sight but i can't love any one without at least talking with him.Finally,I think that eyes are the most attractive thing in the people. 

10:05 PM Sep 08 2009 |




> I believe in love at first sight but it is hard to be in love at first sight….
> I usually get attached with the person’s eyes because I can see there real personality by looking through their eyes!^^

10:08 PM Sep 08 2009 |


Viet Nam

- I believe in love at first sight. I'm finding it,>>>hi hi…


09:48 AM Sep 09 2009 |



Russian Federation

Love on the first date does not seem real to the influx of corrupting people's films and videos on mTv
This could be a beautiful fairy tale romance, but really there is no such saying "nice to live not prohibit" Everything depends on the individual qualities of men and women (excluding the age of innocence before the age of 17) For most of this illusion. To really understand it or not, must ask themselves, but what I can for that person. One would say I buy an expensive car, the other, I will bring a bouquet of flowers. Who among them will truly love? It's like a parable from the Bible. When Jesus Christ is sitting at the receipt of aid came the rich and gave a lot of money, and now a poor widow came and put the 2 coins. And Jesus Christ said: "This poor widow has put more than others, because others gave of wealth, but she put on the line" I once saw a girl in the first place I look at her hair, as detail distinguishes men from women in the first place. Who now thinks, and his legs, chest, pop. But Russia is a cold country (although in connection with global warming, the destruction of the ozone layer significantly warmer than now) sometimes in the winter does not consider these details of the human body

10:04 PM Sep 09 2009 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

first i whant to no whats the menningof love ,is it exiset to answer the quistion ,in prif idont beleive in love at all, my be i rong i which

08:35 AM Sep 10 2009 |




 i  always try to believe in love at first sight. But i find it exist in a few people ,not everyone.

Appearance is very important, and i think the beautiful smile is the thing that attracts me most.

01:03 PM Sep 10 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

love at first sight??? no, but maybe ur attracted to that person from the first sight.. yeah, i agree on that but not loving him/her at 1st sight, that would be so silly from my point of view. 


02:20 PM Oct 07 2009 |