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Could you helpe...

zahraa flower


I met two persons in the English chat and they used this sentence

"..i will learn you (language).."

is it true?

i want your answer please

thank you


06:30 PM Oct 15 2009 |

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zahraa flower


Hello hormosapi

the sentence is "i will learn you Spanish"

03:06 PM Oct 16 2009 |

zahraa flower


the person here means that he will teach me his language

so, ithink we can t use the word leanr in this case,could we?

waiting for your answer…Smile

03:09 PM Oct 16 2009 |




06:32 PM Oct 16 2009 |

zahraa flower


Thank you verey much hormozapi for your helpe


07:13 PM Oct 16 2009 |





if you don't mind

I think it is not ok. to say "I wiil learn you ….

it is "I will teach you…..

good luck

01:09 PM Oct 17 2009 |




I'm not the best user in here but I guess it's no correct.

As hormosapi sead, it should be I will learn youR....

maybe it was just a little mistake…

04:04 PM Oct 17 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


It's not ok, but it's hard in a chat room to figure out what is right or wrong. Even native speakers, those who don't have a good education, will say, "I will learn you to do that." You might hear that in movies about people in the backwoods, or in the country who don't have a good education. When that is used in a movie or a book, it tells the audience that the person isn't very smart and hasn't had a good education. I'm sure in Arabic, there are things like that, too. I mean in movies to show that the people are not educated. 

11:21 PM Oct 18 2009 |

Syed qasim

Syed qasim


i will learn your languge i think….......

09:12 AM Oct 19 2009 |




It could possibly means that he wants to learn about person (you) not language, like i say "i will learn mathematics(let say 'mathematics' is your name)" . This is like you are some subject which he wants to learn.

Are you some subject or language to be learned?Frown

So, in this refrence he can use, "I will learn you". He doesnt want to teach you some language but he wants to learn you ( may be for social interaction), so, here you are a mentor and he is a student.Laughing

09:14 AM Oct 20 2009 |

zahraa flower


Thank you Maleleaf Man,

your answers are always rich and convincingSmile

12:13 PM Oct 23 2009 |