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There should be a single currency for the world?



There should be a single currency for the world?

06:34 AM Oct 21 2009 |

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globalization?  well,maybe we also need an entirely uniform language

09:49 AM Oct 21 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


English is becoming the uniform language of the world, at least for business and diplomacy. 

Money was based on gold reserves. The piece of paper in your hand (the money) used to be backed up by gold reserves. Obviously, this has fallen by the wayside since the United States, for one, certainly does not have sufficient gold reserves to back up the money that they print.  So what is an American dollar backed up with now? Nothing, I suppose, except a debt that will never be paid off. 

Who owns the United States? China and Japan own them because China and Japan hold the bulk of the American debt. Maybe the standard unit of money in the world should be a combination of the RMB and the Yen, since those currencies own the normal standard currency, the US dollar.

Good topic miss_alison. I wish more people would join in and give us their ideas.  

12:02 PM Oct 23 2009 |



American Samoa

people of the world like that canada,chaina,japan, egept…...are luky body

we live in iran and we have not freedom, we are not a band, we have not…..

money ??? in this country money means every thing (good life, have choice, have air, have categuri) i am gald for people in the world that they can  be good

11:35 AM Oct 24 2009 |