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Russia, Do you know what is it???


Russian Federation

It is for my research work! What do foreign people know about Russia. Please, answer these questions,

What is your attitude to Russia? do you like it?

was you ever in our country and how many times& 
why did you decided to go to this particular country? 
what do people say about Russia in your country? 
what associations do you have with Russia?

What myths have you heard about Russia?

Thanks a lot!

04:01 AM Dec 04 2009 |

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Russian Federation

hello) we'll rule the world very soon Cool

11:04 AM Dec 04 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi Maruse4ka

I have never been in Russia

but one time i saw photos of my friend came over there. it was so beautiful however it was all about Moscow and its historical buildings and the subway.

also I heard about the vast jungles you have in your country.

P.s. the hugest resources of national gas is in Russia.

but people in my country does not like the way your old politicians act with Iran in history.

I hope I could help you.



11:14 AM Dec 04 2009 |



I like to know russia very much. Specially russian literature, history, culture and its people. It is the largest country in the world. Many scientists, poets, leaders are born in this country. So far I know, the level of education in many institutions are also of very good standard. People r friendly and mostly addicted to drugs. I read it in magazines and newspapers, how much is right I do not know although, I fee an attraction for the russian people and its culture. The great poer Maxim Gorky, Leo Tolstoy, Boris Pasternak, Alexander pushkin, Lelin, Trotsky, Alexander shalzhonetsin are the famous people in the world. Once upon a time, Russia will rise again and transform into a super power. I do not know the exact time but is is my real guess. There r many palces for enjoyment and visit. We can learn many things from russia. I have a good knack for russia so that I am learning  russian here in Dhaka, Bangladesh to the russian and its people. Anybody can help me to learn russian properly, effectively and correctly to read the russian books , magazines, newpapers and various periodicals to know more about russia. Anyone can send me email letters to make a good and permanent friendship with me. Write me directly with details to:

I will must reply all. Waiting for anybody, russian girl/women or friendly person

I am

Mohammad Mosaddek Hussain, Dhaka, Bangladesh

11:48 AM Dec 04 2009 |




Lela, since when Georgians like Russia?

02:37 AM Dec 05 2009 |



Russian Federation

 Hey lela)) U wanna say georgians really don't like putin. Ok. But then what about our nowadays' president? Medvedev? and yours, Saakashvili?

10:42 AM Dec 05 2009 |



Russian Federation


Policy, army and the government… All it does not concern this forum.

Why do you say such awful words that  "Russia will be destroyed…" and so on? At least it's not tolerant. People: Russians, Georgians, Moldavians and others just depend on dirty politician games… Simple people (nations) are not guilty in what governments do… 

09:08 AM Dec 06 2009 |



ldid not to russia but ı know very vell ıt was turkish enemy in past times this time frien at least. Russian people comes tu my home very well. some turkıs  businnes ant labor vent there ıts wonderful

02:24 PM Dec 06 2009 |



Russian Federation

Yes, Lela, people suffer because governments of countries adjust nations against each other. Often people are informed wrong about reality and nations collide… it's very bad all this. I have some fear for fate of nations…

As for me, I belive neither Putin, nor Medvedev, nobody of any government of any state. They need to collide nations because of very very big money is involved in all that stuff…

02:33 PM Dec 06 2009 |



Russian Federation

 Everyone of u exactly knows that the government can't have a chance to do anything without the will of people. U remember that the great revolution of October 1917 happened not because of the great communist ideologists whose power was located in Europe in the 19th century. It was for people were tired of nobless and absolute monarchy. If it's wrong, u know that people would never let communists or any other to conquer them. Well if person is told that he must hate russians who occupied the territory of his country and he/she does hate it's almost his fault!

05:00 PM Dec 06 2009 |




Simple people (nations) are not guilty in what governments do… 

What depth of phrase! This phrase I'll take myself to learning and repeat every day. I want to ask you dear: Who elects this government? Did not the people? 65% of Russians support govertment of russia.

 In Georgia: the Georgians are to blame: they did not need to enter their troops … in Abchasia and there to kill innocent people.

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08:38 PM Dec 06 2009 |