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South Korea

Hello everyone,

 My name is Annie.  I am a Korean girl studying in Australia.  I just wanted to meet some new friends here and share how we learn together.   My level of English is quite good for written but I have always had difficulty with slang and the way natives actually speak to each other.

 I was learning English more from reading and textbooks.  I found that this is good for school but not as good for talking to real people.  I now watch movies and listen to English learning podcasts.  

I think this helps for my listening and helps me learn some jokes and it is a lot more fun than books.  It feels natural.  I watch movies any chance I get.  I also listen to the podcasts on my mp3 player on the way to school and in between classes.  I find this is a great way to learn because I would normally just be wasting time but now I can learn.  My favorite podcast is at www.china232.com.

I think some other ones are ok too which you can search for on google.  Just type in ESL podcast or English podcast and you can find them.  I like the ones from China232 because I think they are funny and more natural sounding than some of the others but it is good to try other ones too.

 Ok,  I think that is enough for my first post:) 

 Let me know what you guys do to study and let me know if any other people want to make friends.


12:27 PM Dec 22 2009 |

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everyday after work, I watch the CCTV-9 of our country. But it is a little difficult for they don't have any explanatory title on the screen.  I just try my best to understand what they're talking about. :)

07:35 AM Dec 24 2009 |