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<!-==text==begin==-> bread and wine are”transubstantiated” into the body and blood ofChrist

->who can explain this to me?it’s macabre..@_@???


01:30 AM Feb 07 2001 |

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United States

<!-==text==begin==-> Hi Lisa!

This issomething that I think everyone struggles withwhen they learn about it. The night before hiscrucifixion he had a big dinner with hisdisciples, which is known as the Last Supper. Atthe Last Supper Jesus broke bread with hisdiciples, then told them that “This bread is mybody- do this (eat the bread) in remembrance ofme” He also told them that the wine they weredrinking was his blood and to drink it inremembrance of him. Ever since this night,Christians have been breaking bread and drinkingwine in remembrance of Christ, a practice calledCommunion. Christians take communion to honor thesacrifice Jesus made for the world when he died.Some Christian religions believe that the breadand wine you partake of during Communion areactually transformed into the body and blood ofChrist when you put them into your body, butothers take the process a bit more metaphorically.Christ’s love and sacrifice can be shared with allwho believe as they partake of his “blood” and”body” which is the real idea behind Communion. <!-==10512==630==end==->

05:48 PM Feb 07 2001 |