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Egypt taxi is a great Adventure



Pc drive game but in real life

After you asking the EGYPT taxi driver to take you to the Citadel of Cairo. You can negotiating the price which usually started from 50 pounds to go down to 15Now be ready to have your first cultural shock.There are no working traffic lights and everyone drives like there is no tomorrow. Everything is allowed. Beeping the horn with no reason is part of the local driving culture.Best advice: don't  driving yourself ,if you  sitting in the back of the car, you'll certainly enjoy this look like if you play an pc drive game but in real lifeSee our video including and you will understand what I mean
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08:40 AM May 06 2010 |

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please present the problem and try to find solution and also you must to present other good views found in egypt

10:57 AM May 06 2010 |



United States

this is a great view. and the history is very interesting.

02:39 AM May 09 2010 |