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Let's make 'wish' poems:





  • Create a poem based on a central theme.
  • Explore the idea of casual relationship: "I want to do "X" so that "Y" will happen." 

Brainstorming and prewriting:

Make a list of wishes you might have.

Group the list into fantastic vs realistic wishes.


Other ideas:

Considered the consequences of what might happen if those wishes were suddenly granted. Remember that sometime a wish-come-true doesn't always bring the expected results. Consider the stories of Aladdin and his lamp, " Monkey's paw and the Fisherman and his wife."


Consider creating several version of a "wish" poem all centered on a single wish. Experiment with various outcomes.



  • Is your poem easy to read and understand?
  • Does a whole poem give a clear idea of what the wish is all about?
  • Do all the words in the poem help to explain your wish?




I wish

I could capture


and hide it

Underneath my pillow.

So I could touch it

During the cold, cold emptiness 

of November.



Try as much wishes as you can … Laughing

09:10 AM Aug 28 2010 |

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Lovely wish Sveta and thanks for your first entry in 'wishful post'. Laughing


11:00 AM Aug 28 2010 |




Ohh, Irene, you have such a lovely and compassionate wish. Hope you will turn into breeze, and blow freely from one place to another, touching every loving face.

12:24 PM Aug 28 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

i dont have  that much words so i it  will affect in my   poem

I wish if i could be

in what i should be

in the uneverse wide 


I could capture sea

space ,

Springtime and everything means and want to see

and hide it keep it  in my mind  

Underneath my pillow maybe  woull be there picture


So I could touch it and  rerecpture

During the cold, cold emptiness we aree togather

of November. we are togather

05:42 AM Aug 29 2010 |




Of-course Yulia, these are all speculation, I have only two eyes and two hands and a nose, the rest are just fiction and stories… :)
Mastermind: Your wish is the most weirdest of all and hope it will comes true in the most normal way :)
OMG! such a lovely poem, you are the most diligent and serious writer in whole English-baby, you take pain to write something; not like me who write in sloppy childish way… :)
Sveta: Mindswap seems like interesting sci-fic and weird at the same time, hope I will read more about it.
Your penguin wish is so creative and vivid Sveta, lovely combination and association. Fantastic vs realistic wishes are in full bloom.
What a lovely poem Ryo, rather I can say philosophical and psychological and your wish seems more universal in the end when you denote it to whole humanity as a whole, this shows your genuine interest in humanity.

08:00 AM Aug 29 2010 |

beautiful shadow

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Sorry guys I'm not a poet but this is my wish:

I wish you were mine
with your sweet smile…
I could look at your mysterious eyes
without no fear of telling good bye
I could read your mind
to see what i wish to find
I wish you were mine
without no fear to become alone
I wish my wishes came true
without no fear I could tell how much i love you

07:51 PM Aug 29 2010 |




beautiful shadow: fantastic wishes and funny too, for the person you love.

hot & spicy: Hey your birdie wishes are so cute! That's so lovely, fly away wherever you want, ravish different places and faces; without any attachment.


Two little dicky birds sitting on a wall.

One named Peter, one named Paul.

Fly away peter, fly away Paul,

Come back peter, come back Paul.

08:46 AM Sep 08 2010 |