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any drugs make me speak good english?



Saudi Arabia

is there any drugs can  make me fluent in english ? if u heard about it tell me please becuase i feel tired about learning a word  in enlgish then i forget it beside, poeple around me dont speak good english :(

09:17 AM Jul 26 2007 |

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United States

You seem to write good english, thats a start!  But I doubt there is a drug out there that can actually help you educationaly at least, but I'm sure there is something out there of a natural substance that can at least encourage your interest in learning english.  Good Luck!

06:02 AM Jul 27 2007 |



ıf you find this drug,please let me know…

07:26 PM Jul 27 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

Mr Tonybobd thank for ur support. but i'm not good in english when i talk orally.u know talking  in forums  easier because i have time to replay . that why sometimes i feel depressed of talking english fluently .

Mr Hakimi thank you for ur  support and edvice.

10:44 AM Jul 29 2007 |