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I am an American guy in China!



United States

Im looking to make some chinese friends.  I am in Shenyang.  Message me and we can talk!

03:12 PM Sep 28 2011 |

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Hong Kong

oh u are in China, working as a English teacher, right? I am in Hong Kong. Shenyang is quite far away from HK, right?

04:32 PM Sep 28 2011 |



hi , i am a cinese in guangzhou,shenyang is far away from guangzhou, do you kn ow guangzhou, it is famous in china, it located at the south part of china, very nice to talk to you , may i ask the reason for you being in china,what do you do? and what do you think about china an d chinese?

07:47 AM Sep 29 2011 |



Hi, i m from cheng du city,southwest of china ,i m often go to shenyang and PEK on business trip,i’d like chatting with you and become friend with you ,if you have chance come to cheng du ,i ‘d like show you around my city and take you to try some delicious food,i think one thing you should be have interesting in it,you know ,cheng du girls is most beautiful of china and famous in our country ,so i think you should be like this ,my friend,you can add my skype account so that we can chat in future,   my skype account is:  bruce_zhou2

12:14 PM Sep 29 2011 |


Saudi Arabia


11:03 AM Oct 02 2011 |



Hello Mr?,hehe,welcome to China!

08:13 AM Oct 03 2011 |



Hi! Welcome to China. How are you doing in China? Is everything good for you? Are you still in Shenyang now? I’m come from Beijing. I would like to make friend with you. If you need, I also can teach you Mandarin. Wish you have a good time in China. If you want to talk to me, please add my MSN with your name:

09:09 AM Sep 12 2012 |



Opps, I guess the website not allow me to post my MSN. But you can contact me by email. My email address is my user name.

09:12 AM Sep 12 2012 |




I’m moving to Jakarta (Indonesia) in january and I’ll stay there three years. I’d like to know indonesian people here but I have never seen them.

Azinsy, could me tell how is your experience in Asia?

01:27 PM Oct 13 2012 |