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is the bakery popular in ur country




do u like bake and bread ?

07:22 AM Jul 25 2012 |

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MasbararSuper Member!


In Turkey it’s very popular.We eat and like so much the bread.It’s not good to eat it so much,but I think we used to eat it a lot seeing everybody.

11:19 PM Aug 01 2012 |





 actually bread is also the necessary food for our body

i just want make a investigation

As i am a exporter for bakery machine

Thanks Masbarar

03:42 AM Aug 04 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


Hi Zhaiyaoyao,

I think in China you eat rice instead of bread.In Turkey we have many kinds of bread.The healthy one is the one made by 100% grain which has dark colour.But the white one is tastier.But they say that it’s not healthy.But I like it.

Where do you export more the bakery machines?I think Turkey is a good market for your products.But I don’t know which mark they use usually.

In India,Italy,France also they eat so much bread.


01:12 PM Aug 04 2012 |



Sri Lanka

Bakery (wheat flour-based) products are popular in Sri Lanka due to convenience, though rice is the staple food. The wheat is imported into the country so the government tries to discourage the consumption of wheat products.I usually eat whole wheat bread which is more expensive but certainly more healthier.

09:45 AM Aug 06 2012 |

Irene Forever


Hello friends!

I like bread and baking so much. In Ukraine bread is consumed with every meal. The most tasty bread is “Ukrainian”. It’s made of rye flour. Its flavor is amazing. We say it,  “It smells of home.”This kind of bread is famouse all over the world.

I also like different kinds of baking, and they say, I am a good baker. Everybody in my family likes my cooking.:) I just adore eating sweet buns too, but not many.:)

To say something about bread from other countries, I like lavash and I prefer eating it with different stuff. It can be whatever you like.

Thank you for the good forum, zhaiyaoyao.

All the best !


09:03 AM Aug 09 2012 |



Åland Islands

in my culture ( arab) it is very popular. we use it a lot. some food just must be with bread like Hummus spread :)

05:04 PM Jan 18 2014 |