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Why that country must not be recognized?



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We dont recognize Israel, we know that land as Palestine; the occupied territory , because:

1-England as the occupier of that land hadnt the right to surrender it to other occupiers just because the owners couldnt defend themselves.

2-This name, Israel was picked for that land by the people who came from all over the world. they were never born in palestine and they were not originally palestinians.

3-As I searched in international law, some conditions are needed to know somebody as the citizen of a special country. (google/citizenship+international law),Jews who came to palestine; the occupied territory; couldnot be counted as palestine citizens to had the right to choose a name for the land or to have a govenment overther.

4-As is obvious the Israel’s flag is raised and held by the imperialist countries, it is held by force, and is remained by force. It is a Without lineage country. As the imperialist countries are weakent, the Israel keeping force would fade…

04:50 AM Aug 01 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

A British citizen has renounced her dual nationality by burning her Israeli passport outside Downing Street in a protest against the IDF’s assault on Gaza, and the British government’s ongoing support for Israel. Sonya Levene, supported by the campaign group Jews For Justice For Palestine, told onlookers she wished to denounce Israel’s actions in Gaza, which have killed more than 1,800 people according the official UN estimates. “Why should I, a third generation British Jew of Eastern European heritage with no link to Israel, accept what the Zionists would have you believe is written in the Bible?” Levene said in a speech at the gates to Downing Street. The dual citizenship was forced upon Sonya, she claims, after she attempted to leave Israel after a year spent with her family around 20 years ago. She was told she needed to accept the citizenship if she wished to return to Israel. She understands it is now very unlikely she will ever see her family there again.



05:54 PM Aug 09 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Lets find this answers:

Where do jews have came from?
How an occupier(GB) had the right to give the land to other occupiers(zionists)?
Why the first occupiers weaponized the new occupiers vs empty handed land owners?
Do you let a religious group from forign countries to claim one of the states of America as their promised land!!?
If Nazists did the Holocast against jews, WHY palestinians must pay for it?

And how jews wake up after thousands of years and claimed a jew state?
Aren’t the jew idiots a toy in the hands of imperialists?

05:38 AM Aug 11 2014 |