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why is my english so poor?



i have learned english for16 years,but i can only read,not dare to speak,can not wtite!
how can i do?

03:42 AM Mar 08 2006 |

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Hi, I’m Huma there.I’ve the same problem in speaking english.Although I’ve learned English since 16 years too but whenever I try to speak I feel shy and stop it. Now a day, I practice to imrpove it through voice recording. So I choose any of the topic, for example, the teacher who influenced you most. Then for 1 minute I think about the answer and record my voice in the tape recorder. But I need the anwer from you guys that how can I build confidence? Actually I want to go abroad for higher studies and IELTS is required to get admission. But I’m afraid from IELTS due to speaking and writing. Please please help to improve my band in IELTS. Thanks

10:22 AM Apr 28 2006 |



believe yourself, and practice more

07:01 PM May 01 2006 |



I have a same problem with you ,i have learned English for many years,but i still don’t kown how to communited with others,when i talk with others I am afraid that there will have some mistake in my sentence.

12:38 PM May 04 2006 |



Viet Nam

hello! i have learned english only 3 year in the HIght School . Hic hic !But my english is so not good . I can’t speak fluanthly !
but i said myself : don’t worry , i can do anny if i want . ofcouse the important is what i want to do , why i want to learn speak english!!!!!!! To you too : we will try the best ok

03:52 PM May 04 2006 |




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02:47 PM May 06 2006 |




good luck everybody for what you do it´snot easy i know but if we want to learn we learn be strong have a decision to try to learn more try to read some children english book

10:54 PM May 06 2006 |



Try to travel to an English speaking country
I used to have the same problem, but now I feel better
I can communicate in a good way moreover I can express my self very well. believe me this is the only solution :)
Good luck

12:54 AM May 07 2006 |



too terrible

11:13 AM May 07 2006 |



Russian Federation

I have problems with speaking. I know how and what to say
but have big barrier. I guess it is already not language problem, it is brain broblem. Something hold me inside, make
me feel shy when I need to speak. But I want to speak English
fast so much, it is really my dream.

10:34 PM May 07 2006 |




i think most of us here face the same problem, just that faith in our ability that we can do. i think each day we are progressing!!

07:50 AM May 08 2006 |