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Just speak more can improve English standard




Many a peaple often say if one speaks more,his English will be improved greatly.But I find it sowhow not true.It is different to everybody.I speak more,but my English standard is the same.

02:47 PM Oct 28 2007 |

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I think confidence in speaking is a good practice to enhance your English skills.

I often speak English because of my profession, I am handling clients of different nationalities. But, i am most confident to speak in a slang manner. I was never conscious before, because i talk like that to friends and i am comfortable to speak slang to them. But when i had this job, i have to correct myself because it is simply embarrassing to my clients if they are fluent and i am not. And so i think now, i have to polish my English both in writing and verbal. I try to review my grammar, my spelling and my vocabulary. I think they are worse.

And so i think it would be better to study again and correct them one by one, then practice the correct ones.

I mingle with friends and i listen to them. Most of my friends communicate in English and they are fluent. I try to listen and try to pick up their "good lines". Then, i try to use these lines to other people. Then i feel good when i have used them in the perfect situation.

My boyfriend is a professional as well. He teases and scolds me with my grammar each time i make a mistake, even playfully hit me for my mistakes. He often make fun of penalizing me a peso for each mistake i make and thinks he will be a millionaire by that. I am not offended about it instead i am motivated by it. 

What i am trying to say is: When you practice your English, better use the corrected ones. It would help if you are also exposed to people who are fluent with the English language when you are practicing your English. If you are being corrected, appreciate it.


09:46 PM Oct 28 2007 |



I think Cherrye offers some great advice.


I addition to speaking as much as possible, you need to listen, so you can hear the way native speaker or more advanced learners speak. You will subconsciously pick up better habits. If you don't have anyone appropriate to listen to, then try listening to audio on the internet, radio, tv, movies etc.

check out  http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish

or http://www.voanews.com/english/index.cfm

09:57 PM Oct 28 2007 |