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native speakers, help me!


United Arab Emirates


how are you all ? hope everyone doing well!

i really wanna to improve my english as fast as i can!! i wanna to practice with native speakers from UK, American or Australia. and of course everyone are welcomeEmbarassed..

what else, i wanna to improve my speaking ! i wanna to use what i have been learning, such as vocabulary, spelling and grammar..!! wanna to speak like a native speaker really ! Sealed

waiting for all of you!! Yell

11:14 AM Nov 28 2007 |

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United Arab Emirates

Cry no reply!

08:32 AM Nov 29 2007 |



my dear friend

I am not native speakers, but I wanna improve my english like you.

what can we do for this. If you have any idea about this goal, write me.

Alsa I wanna meet you.


09:51 AM Nov 29 2007 |



Viet Nam

You must speak everyday with your friend or foreigner in english as more as good and then you check it yourself. In my opion I think that is the best way to speak english well.Hope you fun and improve your speaking as soon as possible.

09:58 AM Nov 29 2007 |



First of all i want to introduce myself,
i m male 35 from karachi, i m working in pharma company as Assistant Manager last 10 years. i love travelling becoz i love to explore different cultures. Basically i m loving and caring person and always try to care feelings of other people. i hope you will find me a good friend.
Now i want to know about yourself. you can send me mail: pharmaman_14 at yahoo or you can also send me sms if you want.

please reply,


10:44 AM Nov 29 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

Dear tuanpq,

yeah, i think speak with english native speakers is the best way! thanks for your reply i really appreciate that! Wink

08:25 AM Dec 01 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

Dear lonelyfeb,

my pleasureTongue out

thanx for your comment!!


08:27 AM Dec 01 2007 |



Thanks for reply, i hope you will find me a good friend, plz tell me about yourself , what do you do now a days and whats your future plans.

08:49 AM Dec 01 2007 |



I am not a native speaker and my speaking English is not good.  I feel the same with you. I want to make many friends by e-babay. We can talk anything intereting. If we try our best to stay, we can make a prograsse. Don't lose heart. There is a proval in China:  Interest is the best teacher.

 If i spell wrong, please feel free to let  me know.


09:18 AM Dec 01 2007 |



Hi friend, you are right, interst is the best teacher. can we talk through IM of the forum, i m sending the requrest for friendship, if possible please accept my friendship and come to IM and talk with me.

09:23 AM Dec 01 2007 |



hi friend , thanks for accepting friendship, please click IM and talk with me through IM messenger.

09:36 AM Dec 01 2007 |