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why are people afraid of Islam? ur opinion



Saudi Arabia

hi everyone..

 why are people afraid of Islam?

why is it spread every where faster than others?

why do others hate Islam & Muslims?

 in my opinion..the real & the right answer for these questions is that because it is the


so what is ur opinion?

plz don`t say that because they r terrorist..because Bush is the famous terrorist in the world

waiting for ur opinion..

my respecting to all religion 



08:52 PM Dec 15 2007 |

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i respect your opinion and i think that you are right in every word i am a muslim and i'm soo proude of it i have been born muslim and die as one :)  

08:56 PM Dec 15 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks sweetie for ur reply


09:02 PM Dec 15 2007 |



oh it's nothing am just tellin' you my opinion :)

09:31 PM Dec 15 2007 |



I wonder if anyone can truly have respect for "all religions" if they hold that only theirs is the "real religion" or the only true religion? This would seem to belittle any other religious belief by the implication that it is not real or not true. 


10:42 PM Dec 15 2007 |



the fear of Islam is the product of pure ignorance

people believe in everything what is told by media, and the media are controlled by government, which manipulates peoples beliefs

by repeating  those same sentences like : terrorism is bad, terrorism is the enemy of the whole nation, and finally : most of terrorists are Muslims, people come to simple conclusion terrorism=Islam

if the government wants it's citizens to hate someone for something it will sure find a way to do that  

it's all about politics and making money 


10:02 PM Dec 16 2007 |



I have no opinion because it isn't my favorite subject .

01:21 PM Dec 17 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I agree with Whitechalice and would like to emphasize that people do not fear from Islam but only some governments fear.

10:49 AM Dec 18 2007 |




no doubt in it ISLAM is the original and true religion. generally truth has own way to prove itself it has no need of proof.

the word ISLAM means PEACE  we being a muslim do believe on one ALLAH one HIS last prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (P.BU.H)  AND HIS BOOK QURAN.

islam is the religion of peace not the terrorist.   

11:21 AM Dec 18 2007 |



Islam is just one of religions in the world,liking christianity, buddhism.Muslims should not think that Allah is the only god of the world.They should be more acquainted,not so superstitious.They should know that they live for themselves not for their Allah.They are mankind.they should know that there is no god in the world,there is no jehad,there just be made use of.

11:26 AM Dec 18 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

xqd1986 :)

 .... who said that we r leavin' for God only :) , .... the finest thing in our path is that Our God makes us live with an emotional ballance , ... it is great to practice ur lifedays and in the same time u take a side of whorshiping God , .. This is the Life , .. you Live and Thank …. , thus , our life is stabilize .


Think deeply about that , put Q infront of u and ask thim through our Religion … and rate the answers :)

 ,don't creat a wondering without close knowledge :))


 ............. We r The one Who live with inner peace ,, it is a pleasure  :)

07:34 PM Dec 21 2007 |