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Study abroad - the most intresting way to study



Hello guys i am iraqi student who is studying in Malaysia since 2006

and i really like it

i do not know if you agree or not

but i thing it help to be independence and to cope with life problems alone

moreover, it is the way that i used to run away from the war in Iraq.

i want to know what do you thing i will still happy or not because i have to take an important decision

and on this decision will depend how long i will stay in malasia

either 7 years or 1 year

which choise do you thing is better ?

by the way this forum will help who look for information to study abroad

and it is rich with information of many countries


02:10 AM Dec 20 2007 |

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i think you are lucky,

i have always been dreaming to  study abroad,but i have no chance.

since there is so much you can get from your study abroad,i think it is a good way

for you to study  there,no matter how long it will be.and.it is only 7 years,i think

you can learn a lot.

 wish you good luck!

05:33 AM Dec 20 2007 |



thanks for your reply

yes may be i am lucky especial i am iraqi so if i did not go to study abroad who know my be i am dieing now in Baghdad

but if you like to study abroad why you do not?

i thing if you come to malaysia you will get ahood education especially if you r going to study engineering

and also it is not expensive in malaysia

11:45 AM Dec 20 2007 |



i see

can i ask you a question which europe country do you this is the best in studying master in medicin?

10:50 AM Dec 23 2007 |