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Life Talk!

How to impress Girls.




Hi Everyone,

Could you please share your ideas about how to impress a girls. and girls can contribute in this post by posting what they like to be impressed.



09:35 AM Aug 24 2006 |

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United States

everyone wants to impress members of the opposite sex. 

money always impresses people! but I am being cynical. 

05:02 AM May 02 2008 |



Just be yourself…you need not to impress anyone. Remember you can not please everybody. The more you try to impress others, the more you become less impressive…or worse, they will hate you.

08:24 AM May 02 2008 |




 I think that just be yourself ,don't let somebody change you . A good girl likes a ture gay.

09:02 AM May 02 2008 |




it is so simple a formula man!

carry a confident & magnetic personality and that is it. now the Q arises how to become megnatic? well it depends upon situation to situation. u need to behahe as per the real dictates of any situation…....... sometimes funny, some times sober, some times casual, some times formal….....but one thing is sure out all these situations is ur SELF CONFIDENCE so that is the answer! Bye

05:26 PM Jan 31 2010 |



Instead of trying to impress the girls, start loving  & I am sure you would be able to impress someone.

05:35 PM Jan 31 2010 |




I think every girl is a world but in general I think that girls like:


determined men

a man who knows what he wants in life

men who respects her and give her safety

men who like to speak and aren' shy.

So be yourself and don't be shy, don't be afraid about a woman, if you like one, fight for her and don't be liar!!!

Of course if your are handsome it will be easier. 


06:23 PM Jan 31 2010 |



Beeing original, don't talk dirty (cause when the boys talk dirty to me, they get a slap!). Make us laugh, thats what we love and be charming!

02:04 AM Feb 01 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Boy, I sincerely believe there is nothing better to impress a girl than Being yourself. I know it sounds such a common quote, but trust me, It is so much a shame when men try to impress us and on the process they get clumsy… It is just better if you relax and just act the way you really are, if you and the girl match it will be a good begining.

09:54 AM Feb 02 2010 |



Whitney is 100% right,everyone should be what he is & that makes the life meaningful.


06:17 PM Feb 02 2010 |