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Which religion should I join...?




I want to live a complete happy life…I have tried my best… every where I have limits.. but I want to live limitless & full life…Is it possible…? can any religion satisfy me…which religion should I join…? 

02:07 AM Jan 03 2008 |

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to know about ISLAM u can visite this web


ISLAM can give u complete happy life and satisfy u

 c u



07:32 PM Jan 16 2008 |



Dear c_kawther,

no religion gives happiness to man..Religions are created to stop the prople from enjoyment..If one feels happy & joyful..He will not go to temple ,musk or church..& why He will worship Him ..He is already in heaven.. he will desire some thing big.. & business of all preacher class of every religion will be disturbed..& politiciains.using religion & nations as their tool to controll the mind of human will get disturbed…

03:34 AM Jan 17 2008 |



Good discussion!

06:52 AM Jan 17 2008 |




if u not satisfied with other answer, why not you discover it by yourself…just take holy quran ,bible, and others holy….just explore and you can get the answer…who wrong and who right…it is for your benefict…no one can know when they die, please find it quickly before u…..

08:07 AM Jan 17 2008 |




ISLAM gives u the answers of all ur questions u'll never be confused u'll find complete hapiness in ISLAM u'll feel free and satisfied

11:04 AM Jan 29 2008 |




hi! i'm not really the proper man to give you an advice, but here's what i think: you don't need a religion, you need FAITH! You may search for it all over the world. Maybe you'll find it somewhere in another country, society, or religion, but I'm sure you'll be surprised to realise that the FAITH is right inside you. That's what I think-go talk to people, and see that they believe the same things-planet Earth is being destroyed by us, poverty and hate is all around us, and we need something to believe in. I think your question is the same as mine: where is the love? Well, it is within you, within people around you, but we are just afraid to see it, to touch it, to feel it…

12:33 PM Jan 29 2008 |




the religion that convinces your mind and relieves your heartSmile

12:48 PM Jan 29 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Without doubt Islam,,,

01:24 PM Jan 29 2008 |



Dear Sweta,

Nobody demands definiations because nobody is sincere enough to relate so .. everyone has just understood meanings.. & this is the whole problem.We get religion free of cost ,free of demand, free from desire,free from choice ,nobody asks us ,Do you want any religion..? which religion do you like the most…? but we are intiated to this or that religion so early so as not ask any question.. & we become hindu.. muslim or christian.

That's why everyone has some religion but not the essence of religion.

We have the word 'beleif' & surprisingly we don't know the difference between beleief & experince.. every religion says that we have 'soul' & we just accept it.We don't doubt once even.. we never ask from ourself if it is within us where it is.. how can we see it or experience it or know it .. what it is.. we become totally blind.

I feel the definiation of religion should be that 'any thing that blinds you should be called religion'

Yes religions has been used by politicians & preachers as to form groups so as to 'divide & rule'& they are successful.. no logic, no justification means any thing in front of beleief.The whole discusssions remains just words to fight with, we are never creative here to search truths but we are here to just say "my religion is best"

The real religion stsrts from the search of soul that you are hiding inside you.The whole depends upon our honesty,we never allow our doubts to arise  rather we kill them in the bud & this is the point where we lose life & religiuosness of our life.

05:52 PM Jan 29 2008 |



Dear  Sweta,

Reaching to destination is importatnt not the passge, every passage can leadto uor soul provided we want to reach or search our soul but religious faith makes us so blind that we never try to find a way within.

Wenever question to our self whwere is our soul…who am I?

If we have only this one quest ion we can & will reach to our soul definitely.

05:50 PM Feb 02 2008 |