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Life Talk!

Which religion should I join...?




I want to live a complete happy life…I have tried my best… every where I have limits.. but I want to live limitless & full life…Is it possible…? can any religion satisfy me…which religion should I join…? 

02:07 AM Jan 03 2008 |

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I think that if you're sensitive enough, life itself will guide you where you need to be.

I just read a great book (I had read it before once, but I felt I needed to read it again).. It's related to the topic, or at least I think it is. The book is Demian by Hermann Hesse. You might have read it or heard about it.. I suggest you to read it or re-read it. :)

08:21 AM Feb 03 2008 |

most wanted


hey dev….my sincere advice to you would be to accept islam.which is a peaceful religion

08:54 PM Feb 21 2008 |



i must think a lot before tel which religion someone should join, & am muslim & satisfyed whith this religion of peace and misericordous.

06:41 PM Feb 22 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

the Best religion is  the islam religion ,,,,

im a muslim thank u Allah for give me this it's very comfortable for most peopl

i think u should be  a muslim person , belve me in this point  ,,

i told u know what is the bettar way so Allah know what i told u in this website ,,,

 im very hapy with my religion ,,,,,


have a gooood time  and take care




02:03 AM Feb 23 2008 |



Dear Friends,
Thankyou for calling me to join your religion… Islam. But I am not good enough… I will be punished & dropped in hell.. my life style is not according to islam… How I will be saved…?
I don’t want to get punished….

02:56 AM Feb 23 2008 |




There will be no happiness if we are born or reborn in this world. The unhappiness is part of the "life" and no one can perfect it along the living be it relatioship, family hormony, social responsibility and preserve the mother's of the nature. Otherwise, we should be in heaven and enjoy the altermate bliss fo life.

Believe yourself and trust you are worthy living in this world, inner peace. Help others than poorer than we are. Treat  people well we want to be treated. All religions have the same teachings. Ask ourselves if we say we have god within our hearts and within ourselves. How much have we put into practice and action by giving out to the poorer and care for the unfortunate one.

03:39 AM Feb 23 2008 |

Rahma MD

Rahma MD


Hi devindernagpal…because you asked which religion should you join, then i try to give you my suggestion. Don't be angry, okey!Wink

I suggest you join to Islam. I know that there are some bad practices in the reality, but you know nobody's perfect. Human can make mistakes. So, try to learn from the source; Holy Qur'an.

But anyway, there's no force to have a religion. Just use your mind and your heart which have been given by God.

Good Luck Wink

10:25 AM Feb 23 2008 |




Dear Dev Uncle, There are many religions in this world and every religion has its rules . You should read Religious books instead of asking people that which religion should i join ?

If you keep on asking about religions every one will say that he is right . You will not be able to choose any religion ? And you know , No one knows when life end ?

If you really want a religion then start a research on different religions . Your research would be fruitfull for many people facing problems like  your's.         May you become able to join a peacefull religion  .                                                                                                              

05:40 PM Feb 29 2008 |

killer of tiger

Saudi Arabia

i think the islam is the true religion in the world


  i think you will feel happy after   you join to the Islam


  this is our holy book http://english.islamway.com/sindex.php?section=erecitorslist                                                                                                                                

06:22 PM Feb 29 2008 |



Hi, I would like to help. Everybody ha talked that the most important thing is your relationship with God and I agree with them but i'd like to add something, I christian and i believe that the way between God and us is Jesus,  so you can try to ask and talk to God and the name of Jesus, that's all. and yeah… He makes me happy I can feel a peace relax with myself. Bye. God bless you.

06:27 PM Feb 29 2008 |