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Life Talk!

I feel tired about life.

magic rain

magic rain


I'm a middle school student form China.I'm very tired.You know students in China have to study very hard .So i feel streeted out.I don't think my classmates are friendly to my.I do well in my study .and my teachers like me very much.so somebody who studies well just doesn't like me .i feel nothing to do with this.

What should i do ?

03:02 AM Jan 29 2008 |

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u sould not feel about that,in this time u only try hard for learn,the well study is the best

03:35 AM Jan 29 2008 |



Several years ago, I was a middle school student as you are, and I loved my life very much. I also studied hard, and I played hard.

In my opinion, if there are just someone don't like you, you should let it go. We're human, we have our own emotion, you can't let everybody like you. So just be yourself.

But if most of your classmates don't like you, I think that maybe it's your problem. As I mention I also studied hard when I was in school, and I played hard too, which made me study more efficient, and made me more firendly so that I could got along with my classmates. Be more firendly with your classmates, their study is not as good as you are, maybe you can help them.:D Just a suggestion.

come on!  you can go over it! good luck!

07:19 AM Jan 29 2008 |



come on man ….... cheer up… almost  everybodys.. life this happens… try to think whats good for yoou… bye…

11:24 AM Jan 29 2008 |



i wish i won’t be tired at all in life . we have to face it as much as we could .so we must not be so weak . poeple who always feel like that they won’t succed.

12:09 PM Jan 29 2008 |




me too.

12:38 PM Jan 29 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Take it easy….

Try to be nice with your friends, they might feel jealous from you coz you are smarter and your teachers love you….

01:05 PM Jan 29 2008 |




take it easy.it's just a process.mind u,take care of urself,and share ur feelings with ur friends.u'll be bettter.come on~

01:15 PM Jan 29 2008 |



Look at the bright side… Don't be too negative… Negativity of your thought would have great effect on your action. The way you think determines the way you move, the way you move determines the act, the way you act determines your attitude and the way people see your attitude determines your characteristic… Reflect on this, if you need more explanation, drop by on my profile and send me your message… I'm going to answer as soon as possible…

02:23 PM Jan 29 2008 |




Come on friend, inch by inch, look ahead, there are many attractive things in front of you, when you optimist to face all.You know, I am a former that did bad phenomenon. but with "gathering speed", I awake, back to my religion, and everything become easy and well. Now, I feel the best situation.  

04:28 AM Jan 30 2008 |




now,i am a undergraduate,i have undergone what happens to you now.I understand you so much.

The only that i know is if you smile to the world,the world will smile to you.So you needn't to feel unhappy.You should study and do a life as usual.No need to think what others' think of you.Maybe several monthes later, when you receive the university's advice note,you can find what you have done is deserve.And now you should work hard.Tired will make you feel enrich.

So is life.Give you a muisc "life is cool".

And give you a wisdom:the one who laughs last,laughs best.

Hope you have a good future.

maybe i make some misstakes in wording.forgive my poor english.

05:52 AM Jan 30 2008 |