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Life Talk!

How many friends?




I'm just wondering 'how many friends do you have in your profile and how many of them are you really in contact with?


I have 24 but I really talk with 3.


Just a reflection… why do you have all those friends if you only add them but you never talk to them?

11:55 PM Mar 03 2008 |

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well i have 123 friends…

i only add a few cz i'm senile ahahh… i wait for people to add me so that i can remember them i think 

but too bad i just keep in touch with half of them hahah…Laughing

ah well there's still lots of messages that i didn't reply cz they're pushing me to give my MSN or YM…baah!!!!Yell

i'm not arrogant, i'm just being careful but if anybody wanna add me just make sure that u will treat me as a friend….  Cool

06:11 AM Mar 10 2008 |