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Well, this post is for Chinese people.

Lately I realized that you're almost the half of the world population, so I have some questions that I would like to know about you.

do you think that living in china is great?

What do you think about your government?

According to what I have read, China will become the most powerful country in less than 10 years, even more powerful than US, so what do you think about this?

What do you think about wars??? Do you agree with North Korea that is testing nuclear bombs?

Well, that's all by now, but I still have other questions that I'd like to ask you, thanks in advance. 

06:51 PM Oct 19 2006 |

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Hi Zars, a topic about China, interesting!

    I am not into political affairs, so my answer maybe not so appropriate, just say something in my mind.Being a local Chinese, I think living in my own country is good. Just like any other countries in the world, there are rich ppl, poor ppl, good persons, bad persons. Same situation here.       Good news is great changes have been taking place since 1980s', Chinese ppl are living a better life than before.  Sure, I do not want to deny there are still many problems we need to take care of, like the immigrant workers from the countryside to the big cities, considering the large population of them, it has caught the goverment's attention, and it said some actions are being or will be done.  Yes, it is well known that China has a large population, and most of them are living the countrysides, so a series actions are being taken to  relieve their burdens, give much support, trying to make their life better.     I know China is still a developing country, and I know there is a joke saying that you can find Chinese ppl everywhere except Africa, but if you ask me, I still choose to live here and I do not want to move elsewhere.  This is because I was born here, grew up here, going to another country, especially to the countries where most of ppl still have prejudice against Asian will make uncomforatable even I could get a good job there.  In our city, there are many ppl who moved back again after living in USA or some other EU countries.  Life is not all about money, I guess. I just can not image how I can survive from that social isolation or something like that.            There are issues with our goverments, like serious corruption, not so democratic, the freedom issue of press, etc, but we also are seeing that our govement is taking a great effort to improve it, and they are showing a positive attitude, so we are expecting further improvements from our govement.  To be honest, I personally think it also has something to do with the political system, like only one party, Communist Party, is the part in.  Anyway, pros and cons with different that.  Every goverment has its own problems, does it?       China is sure against the nuclear bombs testing, one selfish reason, I guess, is we do not want it to become an excuse for Japan to resume its military force.  I think you should know the history between China and Japan, it's unforgettable for us, at least for our generation. My teen son loves the Japanese cartoon movies, no matter how much I told him about the history, :-(.       Well, as to the point of China being powerful in less than 10 years, I do not know, maybe, maybe not, who knows? I prefer to buy this story, Smile   But in any cases, China will not become another USA.  Our male coworkers often chat about the political affairs, they think the Nuclear Bombs testing in North Korea and Iran are totally the results of economic sanctions.                        Gotta stop, kinda long.  You are welcome if any comments, free talk here, right? take care

09:51 AM Oct 20 2006 |




Thanks for replying, Sherryleio.

I realise you got a good english level. You have captured pretty well your ideas and now thanks to you I know a little bit more about China.

But also I'm dissapointed because I thought this topic would be crowded I know here come a lot of chinese people.

Yeah I've read about the war between Japan and China, but can't picture how Japan could beat you, you were more. Good to know your lifestyle is improving and chinese people now have a better life.

I guess the most are against the nuclear bombs testing. Don't know what the hell is going on with North Korea people, why are they allowing this to happen? well I guess we'll never know.

Feel comfortable to write more about China and the way you live, I'm quite interested on it.

11:14 PM Oct 23 2006 |





I don't mind whether China will be more powerful than US in 10 years or not, we Chinese people need to develop our economy and improve the quality of living continually. There are still lots of poor people in China, and need the care from society and government.

I'm living in Hangzhou, a coastal city in Zhejiang province, it is an amazing city, and a perfect place for leisure. Welcome to visit this city, you will find life in here is beautiful!

The nuclear bombs testing is threatening the security of East Asia, even the world. I think not only China, but also any justicial and peaceful country hates war, and Chinese people do hope the problem in North Korea will be solved in a peaceful and calm way.

We remember the terrible history well between China and Japan doesn't mean we want both people in China and Japan to hate each other generation by generation, we must remember and learn from it, and never allow the war and aggression like that happen again.


04:44 AM Oct 24 2006 |




Hi Chamo.

It's good to see that chinese people are improving their way of living. I also realise there are a lot of chinese people learning english and some of you are doing it really good. I don't know whether it's caused because you're more or you like to stand out.

Anyway, I agree with you about forgetting hates. Well I think you should care of your country to become the most powerful because you all are going to lead it to the best or the worst.

This morning I was checking the news because I like to be informed, and I realized something about North Korea and Iran that I have never thought about.

The most powerful countries can't attack (maybe even apply sanctions) to North Korea because they could attack to Seul which is located only 60 KM from the borderline and South Korea has a great marketing and export a lot of things to many countries that it would be very dangerous.

In the other hand, Iran produces petroleum that also exports to several countries and that's a powerful reason because they won't be sanctioned or attacked.

It's ironic how they can control the way of living of all the world, don't you think so? Ups I think I wrote a lot, well I gotta stop, but I would be really glad if I knew more about china and chinese people, am really interested on your beautiful land and culture.


02:57 PM Oct 24 2006 |




Yep, I am also kinda surprised to see only two ladies to give response to this topic.  As in general, guys are more keen on politicical affairs than gals, the latter are much more interested on stuff like fashion, cosmetic, kids and boyfriends or hubbies, huh. ;-)

Anyway I am writing something again here, as Angie from Spain (born in South America) sent me one email, where she told me some thoughts about China, and joked it's a pity that Zars' post are only for Chinese ppl.  I responded to Angie, but just like I mentioned in my email, Angie, you can read this posting and the following from others, hope it will helpo you to know more about China.

Zars said this post is for Chinese ppl, but I think it will be so great if we can get the comments and remarks from the non-chinese ppl, so we can konw how ppl in other countries think about China, about our ppl, and our goverment, or anything about China. This interactive talk can help us to know each other more, and not just our Chinese ppl say what we think we are, right?

I completely understand not to many foreigners know China so well, most of us can only get limited information about other countries we are not living, via media, like news and the movies, some books maybe.  Justl ike I know about Muslim. When we chat about the topic of muslims, all we know are they do nto eat port meat, they do not drink, they pray 5 times a day toward a geographical direction, and following a timing, they can marry 4 wives, the women wear veils out there, and Koran is their bible.  That's all, but there are just superficial stuff, I got a couple of friends online who were muslims, they were so passionate when our topic invloved Koran, and they evne offered to send me one hard copy of Koran. I ended up with reading a couple of articles about Koran, without knowing more about Arabic world.  Just like everyone else, I have so many things to take care in my own life, and I would not spend too much time on knowing something if I am not interested on that.  

As mentioned above, media is playing a very important role nowadays for foreigners to know a country which is far away.  There are some Chinese movies popular overseas, most of them directed by Zhang Yimou, like CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, HERO, RAISE THE RED LANTERN, the foreigners thought that's China, but you know what? that kind of Kungfu movies and so-called Chinese movies were made for foreigners, to be honest, I was not patient enough to finish any one of them, and the box office in China was not so good as well.  The funny is still some foreginers thought Chinese guys have the pigtails, or the ppl still put on green uniforms or wear the hat with red star.  

I know China has been getting attention from the rest of the world, the rapid economic growth, SARS, bird flu, Tibet issue, the once in a while intense relationship with Taiwan, North Korea's nuclear bombs testing, etc, so it also give our goverment great pressures how to play well the role on the international stage, and the bottom line is everything can not undermine our ecomonic growth, the foundation stone of a country to be powerful.

08:01 AM Oct 25 2006 |




To Zars, back to your question about the war between China and Japan.  That war is a part of WWII, we all know it ended up with the surrender of Germany, Japan, and Italy.  Why Japan invaded to China and massacred so many Chinese ppl (Nanjing Massacre), one main reason should be Chiang Kai-shek (the president of Kuomintang) decided to take care of the civil war with the Communist Party, and brought China to a brink of the loss of half China.  Only my personal views here.

To Angie, you brought the topic of kid education, I guess you kinda worry about I will teach my teen son to hate Japanese.  To be frank, I do not like Japnese ppl (forgive me if any Japanese readers here), but I am not trying to teach my kid to hate Japanese, I just want him not to forget this history. Japanese goverment has been trying to revise the history book and either of them think the war was a holy war, or they deny there was not such a war at all.  Making a mistake is not bad, but no regret or even defending it is really not desirable.  I appreciate much the attitude of Germany towards the WWII, and I want to say the kneeling of Germany Premier also got many respects back.  We need to respect the history just like we need to respect everyone, not caring about their races, their religions, being rich or poor. 

A LONG, LONG MESSAGE, indeeed, sorry, I guess I am almost done, take care, be well, Sherry 


08:59 AM Oct 25 2006 |




Ups, yeah my mistake sorry, I never meant to exclude them from this topic, of course they can join us, it would be very interesting.

Yeah, since a couple of years China has become a country that we must take a look at, I mean now everyone wants to know how are chinese people, how does china look like, what are your customs or habits, to know your history.

About movies, I like them hehehe, I know in those movies acts foreigners like Jet lee, Jackie Chan and don't remember the name of the girl. But why? I mean don't you have movie stars???

Japan made a lot of mistakes and should regret them, but the art of forgiving is a gift that only some chosen persons can have. I know history must be remembered but also hates must be erased. We need to learn to live in peace, have been here for almost 6000 years and have almost destroyed this world and yet we have not learned to cohabit.

Now let me ask you another question, it's obligatory to learn kungfu there? I believe not but as you well said everyone thinks if you're from china you must know kungfu that's the first thought that comes up when you see a chinese person.

I like to read what you write cuz you actually have a good english level, how long have you been into it? 

08:46 PM Oct 25 2006 |




Hello Zars, congratulations for the topic. Hello Sherry, Chamo and Joeywang.

I think this post about China is one of the most interesting I have read so far. Thanks to your writing any person who reads here will have a more clear idea about this huge country.Or at least it is an invitation to find out more.

It is our responsability to continue getting information if we want to learn more, or maybe just making questions to the people here.

I wish more Chinese could share their thoughts here, as you said Sherry, men have their mouth closed for now :) :)

Dear Sherry, I want to say something regarding our kids. I understand very well what do you mean about what happened in the past (World War II)and the role of Japan. I respect your opinion about Japanese people and believe me I would feel the same if I were in your shoes. But the point is the new generations (our children and youngsters). We must teach them, inform them about what happened, when and why, they have the right to receive information,they will know that History has been written with blood in all the times and all cutures. We  must help them not to confuse "anger" with "revenge". We must reserve anger to fight for justice.

Who is going to teach our kids about love and forgiveness?  "I think to forgive is not to forget ", " to forgive is really to remember that something was really wrong"

How do we make our love greater than our anger? How do young generations will learn about this, in countries under bombing attacks ?

This is really serious and these matters keep me awaken many times.

I want to teach for peace, I want to teach for life …there's still a long way, there's too much hate in people's heart…and a person with hate in the heart is the most dangerous enemy.

Let's love prevail (this is not an utopia)


05:52 AM Oct 26 2006 |



hi,there all, this topic and your presentation are really intersting . i can't wait to write something too.  it seems that i am also the first Chinese man who shows interst on  this topic, :)

First,  thanks to sherry, we have some comunication by mail, and she gave me a lot of courage to show my english here. and  i was shy in giving my thought here due to my very common english level before.

Dear zars, thanks your interesting in China, and i think every chinese here will be glad to continue this intresting topic.  About Kungfu, it is very Chineses traditional, and many people like to learn it because it can exercise our body and keep the tradtion going on, but it is not obligatory for all the people and it is decided by people's own willing. Just like judo in Japan, maybe not every Japanese must learn it. Every one has own business and getting a job and having a better life are more realistic.

Mentioning Japan, i have to say something about that. Let take a simple example, one guy stole 1000 dollars from you, but the guy did'nt want to admit it, and on the contrary, in later 50 years, the guy try his best to cover up the truth, even the guy bits you that it is you who stole the money from him, what will you do? China is a very kind and warm-hearted nation, but we can not bear Japan's reversal to historical truth. Please pay attention to this information: except for USA, Japanese millitary strength is the N.1 !!  How could every Chinese people forget the history?

Thanks all, let's all pray a real peaceful world without any threaten and without any hate in peoples heart.


01:17 PM Oct 26 2006 |





Chinese students start to learn English when they are in junior high schools, even in elementary schools. A non-English-speciality student must pass CET-4 or CET-6 (College English Test) when he studies in university, or else he will find it is very hard to get a good job after graduation. (I just tell you this from my own experience.:) )

I think the high status of English is due to the power of politics and economy of some powerful English-speaking developed countries, and you know, China is more and more open in recent years, we need the language to communicate with the world. A private reason for myself is that I want to understand some original works written by foreign writers without translation. (My English is not very good now, and I'll try my best.:) )

I'm also very pleased in the knowledge that many foreign students start to learn Chinese these years, and I hope I can be a good help to foreign friends here who want to learn some Chinese. :P

You are right we Chinese must make our country much stronger, and no doubt all of this is for the sake of better living. I don't like the countries in the world treat each other in the way of jungle law. China is so peaceful and it's one of the important reasons that I love her.

So nice meeting you all here, you really make me believe that life in the world will be much more settled and happier in the future !


03:28 PM Oct 26 2006 |