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Life Talk!

is this a real chat ?




i think  these "chats rooms"   are only for post and not for "talking on line" i mean  we cant practice only sending post , i wich we  had  a "chatroom" that works  good  , cause it´s a nice way to learning english !

 think about it !


form mexico !




04:24 PM Jun 23 2008 |

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i have to agree with you roberto. i cant really chat in these rooms…  people use it only to post a line or two then .. everything go havoc -  we just cant interact with anyone ! may be there should be a person, a sort of leader to lead the way  through a constructive chatting.  What do you think ?? Anyone ?

04:40 PM Jun 23 2008 |




This is a forum, a place for people to post and exchange their opinions. Like you said, a chat room should allow you to interact with each other quickly. It is a great way to learn English! Smile

Here is the link to the English chat room on Ebaby!. You just have to decide your screen name and you can chat with other people on the site right the way!! Have fun!


05:09 PM Jun 23 2008 |