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has ebaby touched in yourself ?



hi ,since i have subscrived here in ebaby ,that has a much of facts in my life and that has opened me the gate of the world.

and you,does ebaby changed your life and touch your personnality?

and wich role does he played in yourself? and what are you waiting by this website? 

and have you reached to perform all your expect on this website ?


10:33 PM Jun 28 2008 |

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e baby is teaching me life from it's human side.

02:49 PM Jun 29 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i like Ebaby so much . it changed some lines of my thinking to be better for my personality . i learned alot by some members .. i find a real honest friends..

i want to know more people here, so i will be here always..Smile 

02:56 PM Jun 29 2008 |




Hi dear how are just i wanted to say hello to my super cool friend abdu i send you a hug and take a care keep in touc ok!!! dont forget me ; )

07:36 PM Jun 29 2008 |




IT is very good site i have ever used, it is first time here i learned how to made profile, how you feel when u read comments from opposite one's. i really learned alot. 

i want to mention here one thing is that this ebaby site main objective is learning of english. so if someone's language is bad then don't feel bad. even help them for improving thier language if ur's is good. and if u teach someone it also increase ur knowledge neither decrease.

10:04 AM Jun 30 2008 |