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Life Talk!

The Last Chance!




If TODAY was my LAST day, I would like to ….

(tell me what would you like to do?)

I would like to say I LOVE U loud and clear!

06:27 AM Jun 29 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

if today was my last day, i would like to read my memories




09:17 AM Jun 29 2008 |




 If it were my last day, I would have nothing to wish for but letting it go on like any similar day, just because sometimes I have a lot of wishes, like my name shows it , and feel like hard to achieve all at the same time , harder to choose the one I want most !

 Yet, as it is the last day, why shouldn't I wish to spend it and end it surrounded by all those whom we have lived for each ?

 Sweet Memories, Sincere Feelings, Lovely Dreams, Best Wishes for all !

12:15 PM Jun 29 2008 |




If today was my last day, I would like to say "I love you" my family, my friends, my beloved. ^^

07:40 PM Jun 29 2008 |

the 1/2 of heart


If today was my last day, i would like to spend half a day staying with my family and another half with my lover. But I am sure that today was not my last day. So i have lots of other things to do.

08:33 PM Jul 27 2008 |