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Why I am a Hindu?




Why I am a hindu…. An Intresting artical The person who wrote it is a well known journalist. Click on the link


I am a Hindu  because it professes Non-violence – “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma” – Non violence is the highest duty. I am a Hindu because it doesn’t conditions my mind with any faith system. I am a hindu because I respect and take ideas from books like quran,bible etc. 


05:44 AM Jul 29 2008 |

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Everything_gone, were you talking about yourself as muslem? I absolutely agree with it.=)

04:33 PM Jul 31 2008 |




I feel that what we are , are not due to our particular religion but due to religioness alone. Is there any religion who all followers are good ? or Is there any religion whose all followers are  bad ?no In all the religions there are good people too & bad people too, so we can conclude that it is not religion in particular which makes us good human or bad human.

It is our basic nature, If we are religious we shall be religious in all the circumstances, in all the sects , in all the religion but if we are bad we shall be bad in all the religions.

Religiousness of the human is the basic content of the human, I feel that there is just the difference of words alone , otherwise all religions are the same.

I agree to lilimira's views, she has too explained the same idea but from different angle.


05:29 PM Jul 31 2008 |




"go through the websites of other religion"
i realy do and i ve read what u send me and the proof- if u remember- i paste to u something in the site..
and there's a lot of evidences in Quran invite us to think to use our brains to know that this universe hadn't been created vainly …
this scintific evidences realy miracls …who told an illitrate one this things that haven't been discovered till our age..surely, who had created it..no doubt in that..
then HE who give me the evidences of His existence, His power, His omnipotence in the unvesre….of course, i'll agree with any thing that i can't seen or can't calculate..
i hope i ve clarified the matter to any body who wanna say something….

05:45 AM Aug 01 2008 |




I have used my brain that’s why i am not an ATHIST. does changing religion show how inteligent a person is? definitly not. I have used my brain that’s why i am not thinking about converting. what is the ultimate point of a religion ? to be closer to god. i am feel i am closer to god by following a hindu way of life, you fell closer to god by following a islamic way of life. we both are doing the same thing but the routes are different.

08:53 AM Aug 01 2008 |




Java, bit of topic but:



don’t be a frog in a well

/end quote


I get the meaning but I never heard this expression before, is this a English expression or is it a translation of an expression in your language?


10:37 AM Aug 01 2008 |




Oohna , it is in local tongue. IT came from a small story, There were 2 frogs in a well, both tought that the well is only the world, and there is nothing outside. one night it rained and the well filled up, one of the frog jumped out of the world saying that it will explore the world, will the other did not want to explore.
it just mean “come out of closed(well) mindset and explore the world”

12:55 PM Aug 01 2008 |




khatun- thanks, i remember in your post you said you were forced to be an athiest. well i was an athiest by choice. deeper thinking made me a believer but not religious.

01:01 PM Aug 01 2008 |



u are hindu cos u are insect…

05:03 PM Aug 01 2008 |




Gone, are you Muslim?!!

05:08 PM Aug 01 2008 |