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Life Talk!

r u frank person?

lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

Salam alikom ..

how do u do guys??

 my topic is about frankness…

can u define frankness briefly..

r u frank person who says the truth even if it hurts?....or u just try to keep ur friendship with others..


as for me …my friends said that my frankness is so sharp and hurts ..but really i like to be like that ..i believe that there is no contradiction between frankness and keeping ur friendship ..


plz join us guys … i wanna know ur opinions






03:45 PM Aug 01 2008 |

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In my opinion, being frank does not necessarily have to hurt others. Being truthful means not telling lies. You needn't comment on people unless you are asked to. If you think it hurts them, then you should not say anything. Being frank to a close friend will not offend him as he/she knows your character. On the other hand, if we comment on newly-acquired friend who does not know us very well, then he will be under the impression that we are insulting him. In order to maintain our friendship we ought to be discreet. Nowadays, there are a lot of sensitive people, so we had better watch out if we do not want to get hurt. 

06:28 PM Aug 01 2008 |



as chakra told you, you don't have to comment all things about a person only by the reason that u are frank… sometimes we have to hide our frankness for dont hurt our friends… this is not a lie, it is omit some comment… Someday a friend question me: Is this t-shirt nice? i think: "I never would never use this" . So, I question him: "Do u like it??" he say: "Yes". I told him: "If u like it, thats all right!" I dont told him, i dislike it… n its all right! LOL

07:42 PM Aug 01 2008 |

lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

thanx alot for

 visiting and replaying ….

07:39 AM Aug 02 2008 |




yes,i am

01:05 PM Aug 02 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

hi lady:)

 it depends lady:0)

i always take the intiative if its good thing so ill say my openion freely an without worry..other than i would shut my mouth unless i was asked then i hafta say it openly an honestly, but still i have to keep it in a form that will not hurt…( an that makes some ppl got angry with me  ):P 

i tend to be frank most of the time, but i try to say it in away that doesnt hurt…an thats only if i was asked i never say my bad-side openion unless i was asked.rather than i will never say my openion


02:19 PM Aug 02 2008 |

lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

thanx visitors for replaying…

03:40 PM Aug 02 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

sorry lady i guess u noticed that my comment is repeated an thats becouse i wrote it twice to choose one of them but i forgot to delete the second paragraph:D..pardon me i was sleepy when i wrote the comment

take care

07:28 PM Aug 02 2008 |

lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

thanx for visiting and replaying ..


 u r most welcome dear

09:13 PM Aug 02 2008 |

lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia


11:09 AM Aug 03 2008 |




07:54 PM Aug 04 2008 |