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How is your university entry system?




In your country, How do you enter university? How is your system?

In Turkey, we have an important exam :ÖSS

ÖSS takes 3 hours 15 minutes , we get our point with this exam, And we enter university with exam

my exam is after 2 years, i hope to get the point i wish….


03:26 PM Aug 06 2008 |

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at first you are in the grundschule for 3 years

then you can go to the hauptschule for 5 years

or you can go  to the realschule for 6 years

or to the gymnasium for 8 years

only with the finishing of  the gymnasium you can study


06:53 PM Aug 06 2008 |




the hauptschule is very cheesy

06:54 PM Aug 06 2008 |




i will entire a language exam coz of my department…and i will entire öss too

07:16 PM Aug 06 2008 |



Here in Brazil, we have the exam called "Vestibular" (Portuguese language), that is very hard!!! Many peoples have to study for 2,3 years to get a vacancy on a University kept by the government (free University). I study Business Administration on a payed University, I was the top of the list of the "vestibular" exam, thank God, so I have a great abatement in the payments per month, its like a gift for the first place in the list.

08:16 PM Aug 06 2008 |



Usually every university has its own exam. You have to present an exam (usually about Math, Grammar, Physics and Chemistry). If you had high notes you can enter automatically to the career you choose in first order, notes below some standard put you in your second career choice (is you pass the first semester you can ask for a change) or out of the university. 

10:35 PM Aug 06 2008 |




exam exam and exam:>take exam and get high score ,then you can enter a good universityTongue out

02:17 AM Aug 07 2008 |




Yeah… öss is terrible for all turkish youth

08:23 PM Aug 07 2008 |


Saudi Arabia


umm i think like u

they collect the average of the last two years in  Secondary school

then take exam and it is very difficult

after that

if u want english department u must pass another exam

the department with u chose it according to ur average


the department with u chose it acording to ur average

03:04 AM Aug 08 2008 |

silver girl 4 u


After finishing high school, you have an exam called BAC and only if you pass all the examination (get a mark over 5 of 10) you can try to attend an university. Some univ choose to test again the candidates, some only the BAC mark and final mark from the 4 years of high school in various percentage.

11:08 AM Aug 10 2008 |