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Life Talk!

can u forget your first love?


Hong Kong

guys ! do you have first love?i think every one will answer "yes"!can u describe your story to us ,share it with us !

03:32 AM Aug 20 2008 |

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I love a guys almost 6years.but i actually i do not know whether it is a love or not. but i forget him.cause i know i am not love he.i just love the the past time with him

09:55 AM Aug 20 2008 |




i cant forget my first love because of him i dont feel wat is love is…

01:55 PM Aug 20 2008 |



No, I´m fact I´m still one of her friends.

I met her because she´s one of my best friend´s sister. I remember the first time when I saw her. I was in university, she was 4 years younger than me. She didn´t atract me the first time I met her. In fact I thought she was too simple.

I didn´t see her in almost one year, and when I saw her again wow!!!!! She changed a lot!! She lost her child image and she was (well still is) a really beautiful woman! We started to date until we were a boyfriend-girlfriend. She has been the most innocent and pure love I have ever had. I can´t forget how sweet she is, but things didn´t work in that time and we broke up. But we still are friends.

04:10 PM Aug 20 2008 |



hmm…hard….but not impossible…if you meet another person, and that person make you fall in love again

04:12 PM Aug 20 2008 |

wild cat

wild cat


no because my first love still my love untihle this day and that person is my my neighbor although i know hem from along time ago i did never thoght that i am in love with hem just pefore 3 years ago when i saw hem in my uncle wedding i couldn't stop thinking about hem i did never told hem about my feeling i just can't get hem out of my mind .

06:22 PM Aug 20 2008 |



never will a forget.

innocent pure and attaching

maybe love what he loved ,remember every word he said,and love just love ,don't need redound .

so happy when he happy ,so sad when he sad,so strange the feeling when kown he is successful,worrid many girls love him like me ? worrid he may leave me?

ture feelings

just can't forget beacause who I loved is so great in my heart.

12:48 PM Aug 21 2008 |






03:22 PM Aug 22 2008 |




we forget the first love when the second is stronger.i forgot about the first love,i just feel happy to have nice feelings at that time because  i was another person and'it's life'.

03:26 PM Aug 22 2008 |



United States

When you're young, the questions are like this about "can you forget?" When you get older, the question is "can you remember?" Laughing

Try to forget them if they were bad. Find somebody better that provides good memories to take the place of the bad ones.


06:09 PM Aug 22 2008 |

LOve ANgel

LOve ANgel


i think if someone came in ur life after ur first love n he makes ur life totally different n makez  u feel fall in love so i think first love can be forgoten easily n i did da same thing…..lolzzzzzzzzzzCool jus kidding yarr….

06:52 PM Aug 22 2008 |