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what do you think about american people?



Well, let's share about American people…

10:49 PM Aug 25 2008 |

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I’ve been to Florida and the impression about Americans is the best. They’re very sociable, helping and kind people. How I did find out about it. As a tourist I had to ask the locals about that thing and the other and everyone was so eager to answer as though I was their close relative. Their answer didn’t end up with only one sentence. It turned into a lovely story with jokes in it. Always smiling and amiable and if you get close to them, they’ll embrace you;) no matter what size you’re!

05:04 PM Apr 12 2012 |



Russian Federation

I have some American friends  in the Internet and in reality. I like them.

Sincerely speaking, in every country there are different people and my life experience says that all nations have good and bad people.

07:36 AM Apr 15 2012 |




I dont know American people. But I think they are fun and cool :D
Loves them! :D

10:18 PM Oct 10 2012 |