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Life Talk!

If tomorrow is world end day what you will do today?

Indian writer


If tomorrow is world end day what you will do today?

06:56 PM Sep 13 2008 |

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ill pray to god to forgive me .

09:08 PM Sep 13 2008 |



I will do everything let me happy!!


08:13 AM Sep 14 2008 |




i would have a big lunch

09:18 AM Sep 14 2008 |


Russian Federation

I would go to visit my parents. I live far from them and haven't seen them for a long time. Frown

09:20 AM Sep 14 2008 |




i will never know the moment i die. maybe minutes later maybe days later or years later or whatever… i will go on my continuing business, whatever it is. i think people die at work is reasonable and hounorable if they are working at the moment they die. i wish the day or the moment i die, my beloved ones would be by my side, taking my hands and gave me last hugs and kisses. i will die happy.

12:34 PM Sep 14 2008 |



I just want to sleep all day.I'm so sleepy.Laughing

02:17 PM Sep 14 2008 |



I want to lie down and listen to the beat of my heart for a moment alone. people rarely listento thrie hraets. I want to know what my heart tell me at the end of life.

But pratically I want to care more about the people I love . I want to do a little more for them.

03:31 PM Sep 14 2008 |



i will pray to GOD to forgive me and forgive my sins and ask HIM to be in the heaven with all good people and prophets….i will say goodbay to all my friends that i really love and the last thing i'll do is asking my parents to forgive me meanly my mother….

04:01 PM Sep 14 2008 |

Indian writer


If there is a world end tomorrow today I will marry my lover then today is our first night and tomorrow is our last night ….how is it?

04:23 PM Sep 14 2008 |




For me there is always present,I have never saw tomorrow but, so there is no question of tomorrow but if death is coming to me I would like to celebrate my death, because the ultimate is going to happen.I love death as I love birth. & death is certainly coming so I celebrate both death & birth at the same time.

05:00 PM Sep 14 2008 |