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Family or your love?




For example,you have a love but your family doesn't allow you to date with him/her  .What would you do ? Would you choose your family or love ?

07:56 PM Feb 09 2007 |

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I would definitely go for my love. They don't have to tell me whether I should date someone or not. And if they're not happy with it, they'll just have to deal with it.

11:26 PM Feb 09 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

 sure my family ,

06:15 AM Feb 10 2007 |




I would choose my family . If they are opposed to this idea,I am sure they want my happiness

11:37 AM Mar 18 2007 |



I think I will try to tell my family how much he is a good man which I love him .

02:07 PM Mar 18 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

I will chose my family, because iam here in this world because of them so i cant go ahead of them, if they really care and loves me they will care for my happiness.

05:04 AM Mar 19 2007 |





MashAllah, look selfish U r the same and i know ur answer already on this topic. Yes,  my yaar is absolutly right, my answer also same.

We have to keep our family first then LOVE.

05:52 AM Mar 19 2007 |

Warren Lee


That's your own business! and that's you, not your parent to live with him/her for a life. DADDY KNOWS BEST is not always right, their notion perhaps old for our time to choose boyfriend or girlfriend though they are love you so much.

07:50 AM Mar 19 2007 |


Viet Nam

My parents always want the best for me, so I will ask my father why he doen't like my boyfriend. If I think the reason my father gives me is acceptable, I will choose my family. My father always give me the best advice, I always have faith in him. My father can easily persuade me and you know I always follow his ideas but first, of course, I feel a little uncomfortable but after a little of time, I have experience and I know that My daddy know everything besh for me.

I will choose my family.

08:04 AM Mar 19 2007 |




If i will meet that problem one day.i will go to listen to my parents's advice.and distinguish those are reasonable or not. and thinking over and over for this question.and thinking the people who I loved is worth me to marry with in this life. yeah,our family always think for us.

02:58 AM Mar 20 2007 |




in that situation i will soft spoken with my parent first. they know what the best things for their daughter and maybe their point of views were reasonable to advise me. there have some good reason behind that on why their not allow me to go out with my love. family is everthing for me,

03:34 AM Mar 20 2007 |