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Life Talk!

my life




my school life is near finished

after graduation i am going to looking for a job for myself

but i really do not what i should do

i am very confused

you know nowadays the empolyement competition is fierce and sharp

china is a very large country with so many people

those people focus on very few job

i am going to touch the outside world

and left my school

i want to find a good job with a satisfied salary

01:21 PM Oct 19 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

So do not surrander because you can win in this life battle ;).

I wish you good luck ;)

11:45 AM Oct 21 2008 |




well, in that case you had better arm yourself with more knowledge and skills. Employers look for skilled and qualified workers. As this will be your first job I suggest you do not be choosy. Just grab whatever comes to you regardless of whether the pay is low or not. Gain experience and do your best. May fortune smile on you.

03:04 PM Oct 21 2008 |




Hi honey.. Hmm I hope, ur life in future will give u lucks..

Hmm Yes, China is very large..And there are a lot of ppl are looking for new job for themself..

And it will be force urself a bit..Becoz u will prove urself to bosses and employers..

At first, U have to believe you can do everything you want. It is 1.step of being a powerfull person :)

The next step is >To show others how friendly and hardworking person you are.

I think, the employers give their work to friendly and trustfull person..

To be very clever or to gradyate from suoer schools, aren't the most important thing…

If you have a good heart, and if you want good things for others, Be sure U will reach the top! :)


My parents have never said me ''Sibel, Be clever or wise''

Becoz, a nice and peacefull character is more important than everything..


I always wants good things for others more than myself.. Others should live more comfortable than me, if they deserve it much than me..

I thought it, So > Allah (God) gave me everything I want..

Becoz he knows myself, my aims for others…


Don't forget… Life is not a competition… Yess, sometimes we have to compete with others… But we shouldn't do it with unpeacefull ways..

Life is a huge boxs with incredible suprises… Don't guess them :)

Just hope and pray for the best suprise for ursefl..:)


Anway..Have a nice day..


Allah bless you honey :)

03:25 PM Oct 21 2008 |