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How hard is to say ''I'm sorry''?

Mr. Pmosh

Mr. Pmosh

Dominican Republic

How hard is to say ''I'm sorry'' for you?

I think when we say this phrase we become into a better person. It makes us stronger.


This post has not intention of offense or relation with any other post.

12:34 AM Nov 09 2008 |

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Mapleleaf Man


I agree with you. I think two things would make this world a bit better: 1. Admitting you are wrong, which is the same as saying you're sorry 

2. Being honest. 

Two simple things would make both us and the world a lot stronger. Thanks for the post!

01:38 AM Nov 09 2008 |

Ornamin C

Ornamin C


I wanna kill the person who's create that’s word!!buz some ppl doing big mistake and they think sorry word could make u 4get every things!GOSHFrown

03:41 PM Nov 10 2008 |

Mr. Pmosh

Mr. Pmosh

Dominican Republic

Is not to say sorry and forget all the damage done. It's to say sorry and fact the responsabilities for it.

03:54 PM Nov 10 2008 |




This is an interesting question Pmosh. I would say that it depends on the situation which caused an excuse. As you know  we are not always in good mood. So we can offend someone who doesnt deserve it. For that reason we have to say i am sorry. Communication is very important for our  interaction among people or relationship  at home, at school, in a friendship, in office etc. We have to keep good company. To be saying i am sorry is also a respect to each other. Nobody says easy "i am sorry" but in my opinion i must know when it is appropriated to use it. I also think that it is better to say twice i am sorry than to assert one's rights.

07:36 PM Nov 10 2008 |



i think it's easy to me t osay sorry if i am really wrong .and i think it's necessary and important for us to say sorry in our life .only by doing so can our life become better and get our friends united~

05:16 AM Nov 11 2008 |



Ups! For me is really hard to say "I´m sorry" and feel it. I can say "Sorry" to everybody but not really mean it.

06:19 AM Nov 11 2008 |