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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People



United Arab Emirates

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Yes. You read it well. Why bad things happen to good people?

Is it destiny? Is it life? Is it fair? Is it justice?

Justice sounds like a good idea because it sort of equalizes the pain. I get hurt, so you get hurt in return. Well there's more ocean than land, and more salesmen than prophets. Things just aren't meant to be equal. Suffering and happiness are not weights in some cosmic food scale, their relative proportion is completely unpredictable, just get over it.

Here's the deal. Tragedy may be unequal, but it isn't random. Yes, there is a meaning, we're giving a bit away early here. Bad things usually happen to forcefully slap us out of whatever stupor we are in at the time. We are supposed to start questioning our beliefs. We are supposed to figure out what is and what is not important to us. People usually don't change unless they feel sufficient pain to overcome their natural resistance to change. Change takes energy. And believe it or not, nothing energizes like tragedy. What suffering is usually supposed to encourage us to do is figure out how to avoid suffering in the future. Find out what happy people do and imitate them. This is not rocket science.

Good people are those who need bad things from time to time in order to refresh their physical, mental and spiritual abilities.
Some people complain but here you an advice: Nobody likes a crybaby. Do not ever ask a question like "why do not other people suffer like me?" or "why it happens to me?" Don't. Here you another advice: Don't ask unanswerable questions about other people; you've got enough to worry about with your own situation.

10:16 AM Nov 20 2008 |

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United States

There is no destiny, we are not special, there is no divine plan for the human species, there is no such thing as coincidence, and at last karma is bullshit. With that sad, bad things happen to everyone -period

09:39 PM Dec 02 2008 |