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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People



United Arab Emirates

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Yes. You read it well. Why bad things happen to good people?

Is it destiny? Is it life? Is it fair? Is it justice?

Justice sounds like a good idea because it sort of equalizes the pain. I get hurt, so you get hurt in return. Well there's more ocean than land, and more salesmen than prophets. Things just aren't meant to be equal. Suffering and happiness are not weights in some cosmic food scale, their relative proportion is completely unpredictable, just get over it.

Here's the deal. Tragedy may be unequal, but it isn't random. Yes, there is a meaning, we're giving a bit away early here. Bad things usually happen to forcefully slap us out of whatever stupor we are in at the time. We are supposed to start questioning our beliefs. We are supposed to figure out what is and what is not important to us. People usually don't change unless they feel sufficient pain to overcome their natural resistance to change. Change takes energy. And believe it or not, nothing energizes like tragedy. What suffering is usually supposed to encourage us to do is figure out how to avoid suffering in the future. Find out what happy people do and imitate them. This is not rocket science.

Good people are those who need bad things from time to time in order to refresh their physical, mental and spiritual abilities.
Some people complain but here you an advice: Nobody likes a crybaby. Do not ever ask a question like "why do not other people suffer like me?" or "why it happens to me?" Don't. Here you another advice: Don't ask unanswerable questions about other people; you've got enough to worry about with your own situation.

10:16 AM Nov 20 2008 |

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Find out what happy people do and imitate them.

hi lovelysarah,a nice sentence ,but very dangerous. even when you want to imitate good persons you are losing your own identity if you want to be good and lovely you must do it by your own,on your own way,maybe you can look how was the way from the person you admire,but search your own way only here you can let grow your personality !

11:46 AM Nov 20 2008 |



 I named it Destiny. Why? Maybe we suffer from something, we have patience, at last we 'll be get our  valuable present in our next life . Instead  of naming them good people , we must name them like people with good moral. 

12:02 PM Nov 20 2008 |

freak princess


it's aquiz from god to test ur faith wid him

and not always happend 2 good ppl

and every thing happens for areason

soooo thx 4 da topic

07:43 PM Nov 21 2008 |




i agree with JoePuding! bad things happen with everybody, it's life, and we can't be sure that good people s never had problems in life. may be even opposite…good people more open than bad, and this reason usually reduces for some problems. world isn't so easy as we think, and ppl isn't so kind and cheerful… actually i don't wanna to philosophy here…just say that nothing happenes from nothing! (hope u got what i wanna say)

07:54 AM Nov 22 2008 |



why bad things happen to good people? there is no such a thing as good people, nobody is tottaly good. even if we were good people, bad things would have to happen to us just like good things happen to bad people, there is no justice in this world thats pretty obvious, and i believe there is not destini either, things happen in a system of cause-effect no diference between good and bad people things happen with no criterion.

but here in KSA they teach us our religion because it is most important thing…in life !

01:29 PM Nov 22 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


Hey Sara, great topic, very well-chosen.Smile


Firstly I'd to say that I second  freak princess's opinion. 


And I think everyone in this world has his own ''fair'' share of life's difficulties. It's just that some look braver than the others. You see them and think '' WOW!! they're SUCH happy people.. always smiling lots of energy''  when they're actually not that happy at all.  They don't show it, they overcome life's dilemmas-move on with their lives.


*Surprisingly enough, you'll even find some of them find great pleasure in discovering the solutions to their problems.:) TRUE!!


Lastly, I believe facing difficulties in our lives makes us change for the better. It helps us become much more aware of life struggles..it helps us become calmer, MUCH wiser, humble, also more confidant and balanced.


That's how I feel about it.  :)


Thanks Sarah!

12:25 AM Nov 27 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

I forgot to say


C H E E R       :)        U  P

12:35 AM Nov 27 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

thx alot guys for ur nice comments each on of us had his or her own opinion i appreciate that and snello thx alot hh thx for ur nice comment and cute pic

05:51 PM Dec 02 2008 |




:)) Yess sometimes it happens :) I saw a lot of thing about its reality :)

Hmm I don't have a nice idea about it..but i think it is something like lesson for good ppl, for ppl who can understand a good thing from a bad event..


So we shouldn't rebel to God… I really know it very well..But i do it sometimes.. So i am ashamed from ALlah sometimes! :(

I ashamed from myslef..




Ppl are not equlity.. It is definitely right.. But we shouldn't worry, becoz ALlah's scales is very sensitive and see everything.

May u r living in bad conditions..Maybe life forces u too much..

Maybe u r good.. So ppl use ur good character badly for themself. Maybe bad events happens in ur life..


But just think that > They are a lesson for future..They are an experiance. They are from ALlah. And Force urself to be great!


Becoz ALlah loves great n nice n good people :)

06:59 PM Dec 02 2008 |



because Evil loves to make Good, bad….


07:03 PM Dec 02 2008 |