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Saudi Arabia

Hi everybody,

I have some difficulties in chating with some body that I don't know any information about him/her;specially at the begining of the first chat.

I don't know do you phase this problem?

What do you think that is a good topic(s) to talk with ? 

what do you like others, to talk to you about , and why ?

Hope to get answers from many people and to get more and more friendsSmile

10:37 AM Mar 11 2007 |

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Russian Federation

hi! i am a girl from Russia, but my nick `gogona` means `girl` in georgian, becouse i know this language – my husband is georgian.i want to talk about our mistakes in english. i can write something , but who could tell me, it`s right or wrong? i think it`s very impotant.  

10:56 AM Mar 11 2007 |