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Female Circumcision in Sudan and Egypt




Todoy i entered a semposium in an University..And I was one of teenager that talked about Human's Right.

My subject was about Iraq and USA.. So i didn't search other countries…

There was a group there, talked about Human's Right in SUDAN…(the most developing country in Africa)  (!!)


They talked about something that i have never heard before… It is >> Female Circumcision

When i heard them, I really felt myself too terrible and upset..


Owww Nothing can be worse than this… Any of human can't do it with a peacefull heart.. :( I am sitll in shock now.. :S

And i wanna share them with you..


Female Circumcision in Sudan

Female circumcision—also known as female genital mutilation—is widely practiced in some parts of Sudan.Information about attitudes toward the practice, the reasons why women support it and the social and demographic predictors associated with support for it are needed for development of eradication strategies. .


Methods: In a survey on reproductive health, approximately 1,000 ever-married women were randomly selected in each of three areas—Haj-Yousif and Shendi in the north, where female circumcision is widely practiced, and Juba in the south, where it is relatively rare. Interviewers collected data on the prevalence of the three types of circumcision, their social and demographic correlates, women's attitudes toward the practice and their perception of their husbands' attitudes.


Female circumcision is not associated with any one religious group. It is practiced by Muslims, Christians, Jews and members of indigenous African religions.

Female circumcision is often performed by lay practitioners with little or no formal knowledge of human anatomy or medicine. In most cases, the operation takes place under unhygienic conditions and without anesthesia or sterile instruments.

Circumcision can have many immediate and long-term consequences. These consequences vary considerably by the type and severity of cutting, with the most serious complications associated with infibulation. The immediate consequences include difficulty in passing urine, urine retention, hemorrhage, infection, fever, stress and shock and damage to the genital organs.

Over time, circumcised women may also develop menstrual complications, vulvar abscesses, obstetric complications, urinary tract infections, chronic pelvic infection and low fertility or sterility. In addition, female circumcision, especially infibulation, may make intercourse per- functory or even painful.

Despite these grave risks, its practitioners look on it as an integral part of their cultural and ethnic identity. In societies in which few women remain uncircumcised, problems arising from female circumcision are likely to be seen as a normal part of a woman's life and may not even be associated with circumcision


Look http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/journals/2707101.html for most information





11:34 AM Dec 05 2008 |

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it's a truly barbaric practice and deserves a lot more attention. 

03:25 PM Dec 05 2008 |




Yess I agree with you gkisseberth… Ohh I was really suffering, when listening these news from Sudan..

That thing can't be a human with doing it..

It is too stupidly and unhumanity… :(


And they said that > It doesn't hurt just when Circumcision, It always hurts women.. In all life of them..


Ya ALLAH, Ya Merciful ALlah! Thanks to you that u didn't made me be born in a country like them

03:51 PM Dec 05 2008 |




dammm… what sort of practice is this…

I wonder why people indulge in genital mutilation!!

04:02 PM Dec 05 2008 |




I reallt wonder too..

Also i wonder what they are feeling when doing it :(

04:22 PM Dec 05 2008 |




totally unbelievable!!Yell

i know the truth some arabic area don't accept their wife lose their veginity,but this …..even tough for me to know this.

 people in Sudan do this only because they want chastity of their future wife?

04:36 PM Dec 05 2008 |




Can I Cry,
Thanks a lot to you for sharing that topic with us. When i was studying I heard from a friend of mine from Etopia who gave a seminar about it. I was very irritated about. But he couldnt understand me. I should have asked my parents as they have been kept it secret from me. I think he must have thought that everywhere where the main religion islam is should have been practising this. But this is a traditional culture in  Africa and has nothing to do with islam. This tradition should be banned. Also some african immigrants in europa are practising it. I just know that circumcision is forbidden in France. if it will be public the parents will be victimised for it. I have no idea how the other countries in europa deal with  this circumstances.

05:25 PM Dec 05 2008 |




Progression.. Who is talking about morality here. It is about their culture and age old practise. Once I had read on some site that in a native tribe in Australia there is a prevalent custom of male genital circumcision. Not the type practised in Islam. They virtually cut the pen** from the middle whereupon it becomes like bifurcated and urethra is also opened and they say it boosts their sexual stimulation. And btw female genital mutilation is not uncommon in Asia, only that here it is used as a means to harassment.
The conditions in which the quacks carry out the surgery should be checked. If women dont want it then it should be stopped but if they dont who are we to say against it?

06:01 PM Dec 05 2008 |




i think million of girls will say thankyou to you can- i -cry,this awfull ritual is folter nothing else.look at the map here can you see where young girl must suffer. why they have create this brutal ritual????

 Yes sunay this senseless painfull ritual also happens by african immigrants inGermany it is also like in france forbidden….



06:06 PM Dec 05 2008 |




06:10 PM Dec 05 2008 |




I feel that everyone who lives upon this earth in the form of human HAS SOME RELIGION, may be any & in that sense every one says that he is a religious man/woman.

& this kind of henious crimes are committed by so called religious people. I feel we have no right to call our self humans. 

06:15 PM Dec 05 2008 |