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How did you Find Ebaby?



How did you Find English,baby? :)

02:17 PM Jan 03 2009 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >



I was searching for a gun at Internet to buy one, because there are 2 persons at my work that really annoy me, when I found at www.shootthem.com a link to Ebaby, and since then I started to visit it and became an Ebaby member….


Hahahahaha! I´m kidding, hahaha! (sorry for my black twisted humor).

07:48 PM Jan 09 2009 |



In the same way like FINANCIAL GIRL

BTW very nice nick Cool

11:59 AM Jan 10 2009 |




My groupmate advised me such a site: www.englishpenfriend.com But it wasn't so interesting.

Then I saw Englisbaby there (Ads by Google) and became a member :)

My first day was terrible. I tried to look at all blogs at Ebaby. :DDD

02:40 PM Jan 12 2009 |

anahita mass

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

ha ha…......... when i was searching about my report … i found EBABY

03:10 PM Jan 12 2009 |



Russian Federation

I am beginner in this site, I found it from google search, when I decided  to improve my english.

Now I try learning this site and find more new friendsSmile

07:15 PM Jan 12 2009 |




hahaa xD i wanted to take english lessons cuz i had a big test, so i put on google " english grammar" but anything.. after i decided to chat " english chat rooms" n OMG there was " englishbaby" i signed in.. but i did forget it xD, after one week i received on my hotmail " you have a new friend request" n i said Ho.. this account. haha so i came here, n ricky was one of my friends haha xD n after norah, anna, armilia.. blaah blaaah i got the best ones :) so i stay here

09:14 PM Jan 13 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

that day I wanted to open my account in facebook but I couldn't because it was disabled by administer and I didn't know why that.. I became angry then I searched about new good website after that I found english baby .. and I am happy with ebaby

09:31 PM Jan 13 2009 |



When i passed my last exam at university and i became an engineer i thougt..now came a time to care about my english's leveland i wrote in google- something like english learning..then i found a couple of different sites,but they were much worste than this one;).Now i am a member of eBaby almost 1 year..it's gonna be much much longer..

english …friends..that's it!:D

12:15 AM Jan 14 2009 |




Me?..by accident..but what i like about ebaby is..all about the administration instruments here (blogs,post comments ,finding friends and etc) for what i can see is, it's likely or probably being done by a very profesional peoples…and its like, all the very expert peoples in computer programming is in ebaby administration..my solute to them…

10:48 AM Jan 14 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Introduced to it by someone. i am not here a lot but i like it.

03:05 PM Jan 14 2009 |