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Life Talk!

Do you think you do have a best friend, true friend?




Do you have one?

what do they looks like?

What best in them to make you feel like this?

"a friend in need is a friend indeed"Embarassed

05:25 AM Jan 21 2009 |

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No .. I hav`nt Best Friend In My Life … :)

08:24 AM Jan 21 2009 |




me too! in spite of i have some friend, but i can't find a open-minded friend in them.

08:49 AM Jan 21 2009 |



Hong Kong

er… i think i'm the lucky one coz i've a true friend.
Although she emigrated to US, but we still keep in touch and so amazing that we like closer than ever before.
i'm so glad to have a fd as her.
Friends are the people will sd love and cares to us.,so we should try to cherish every friendships Laughing 

12:44 PM Jan 21 2009 |



I do!!! True friends are really hard to find, and you can not lose them even if you are far away from them. They inspire you, you feel confortable with them, and there´s no need to express in words what you feel because they´ll understand. I have few true friends that I appreciate a lot!!! It´s better quality than quantity.

03:32 PM Jan 21 2009 |