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Life Talk!

What's ur favorite book?



Russian Federation

Let's talk abt our favorite book/s..


do u have such?.. if yes, then u r welcome with telling us abt them :) 


so far my favorite one is "Roadside picnic" by Strugatsky brothers ..

if someone will be interested—>> http://www.cca.org/cm/picnic.pdf 

12:03 PM Jan 27 2009 |

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Mr. Pmosh

Mr. Pmosh

Dominican Republic

My favorite book is: The Clockwork Orange.

My bible is The Prince by Nicolas Maquiavely.

02:42 PM Jan 27 2009 |




There are so many great books in the world. I can't remember every book I've read but try to tell you about ones which impressed me more that others:

1."The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. I think Ken Follett is genius. Every his book is a masterpiece.

2. "My Uncle Oswald" by Roald Dahl and also his short stories full of black humor.

3. Andrzej Sapkowski with his The Witcher Saga.

4. Time Scout series by Robert Asprin.

5. "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger.


02:46 PM Jan 27 2009 |



Russian Federation

For star39."Roadside picnic" is interesting, you know about film by this book "Stalker"?Advice you to watch this film.

03:13 PM Jan 27 2009 |



Russian Federation

to Maximum:


yeah, i watched it.. great movie of great Tarkovsky)) 

03:33 PM Jan 27 2009 |




there such a lot of great one

I love "Harry Potter" sereis the fatastic imaginary one lol you would think I'm just a kid :D but anyway try this.

08:59 AM Jan 28 2009 |



Russian Federation

but who says that you should read in english?)) we just mention here our favorite books.. and it doesn't matter in which language they are written..

09:12 AM Jan 28 2009 |



hello star39, I usually read books connected with computer science as I'm attending computer science Engineering, so in computer science my favorite book are:

º Unix Systems Programming: Communication, Concurrency and Threads.

º Hack Proofing Linux.

11:21 AM Jan 28 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

I used to ream many many books and stories, english and arabic, but i stopped since i had my second baby coz i have no time at all,,

my favorite english stories: pride and prejudice, sense and sensebility

favorite arabic books: do not be sad (la tahsan)


04:51 PM Jan 28 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

one of the most intersting books that I read is

The Da vinci code 

 By:Dan Brown

I couldn't stop reading

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04:51 AM Jan 29 2009 |