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pay to study



United Arab Emirates

hi every one here ,

A subject come to mind ,"pay to study" ,now we are living in a world where money is very important  most people ask you how much do you earn, every thing is becoming more and more expensive and the hole between poor people and rich ones is increasing .Some are dieing because of obesity I don't mean the(the one caused by genes )  the one caused  by fast food and people who are not caring about there health ,while others are dieing because of poverty .Thats life but some days at the past studying in schools colleges was free .Unfortunately, day by day they started saying  that you should pay small amount of money to help a little bit in the studying process ,after that it increased till that they started having schools for rich peoples so there kids will have the best educations . On the other  hand there were public schools ….ending by universities where you should pay 20 000 $ for each semester .

People who made education as a trade why didn't they think of students who can't pay ? thats what I was thinking of there are outside there people who are dieing to study but no one cares.

I know that every thing needs money ,but its being more than what normal people afford …

thats what I wanted to say and I hope to hear your opinions


09:07 AM Mar 29 2007 |

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i am very sad because our contry'system of education.i come from china.my family must work very hard to afford my tuition fee.the tuition is so  expensive that they are very strain!

03:38 AM Mar 30 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

hi xxFatyxx and 王金平 , how are you friends ?

thanks for your opinions ,And I want you both to know that no matter the life gets  hard on us ,one day our dreams will come true .Sometimes things gets harder and we might get disappointed but ,you should turn each problem you face to a fuel to start over ,make the hard moments as inspiration to be special person at future ….I want you both to know that I believe in you and maybe one day you would be some one important ….

friends thanks again for sharing I just wanted to know if any one agrees with me or does people adjust with it….

tackecare Kelubatra

05:52 PM Mar 31 2007 |




Hi all!

It's my last year at secondary school now and I must say, it's really tough here to get to university you like. I come from a poor family and I can not afford to pay high fees the university asks for. Because of this I had to choose another one which I dont like so much and its situated in a village!

Here in my country it's horrible with school system. Only students who have rich parents can get to good universities and study law or diplomacy. Their parents just go to the headmaster or whoever who has the highest post there, give him an envelope with money and wow, his child is studying! Even though the child has no talent …

Now I just hope there will not be many students who want to go to my chosen university and I will have the chance to get there :)

06:07 PM Mar 31 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

Lubka  I think you can shine wherever you go ?....you need only to think in a creative way ….

thats my idea cause life has many things that makes us sad ,discrimination is even in study and some times you might see it im most of life fields ….but look at the bright sight ,its enough that you are here do you can do what ever you want …no one can stop you from making you dreams true …..

Do your best and be sure that you gana get the fruits of your hard work sooner or later …..

takecare girl

08:38 PM Apr 03 2007 |