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Life Talk!

Can you click here? please



hello! my baby is in the competition. ''PAMPERS'' It's a Polish competition. Let me explain!Smile                          You should click here ''zagłosuj'' – this signature is under the picture my baby:) after click – you can write code, you will see…
Can you give vote only one during the day, but everyday!!
I invite you!
It's a good and pleasend…..................

09:35 AM Mar 18 2009 |

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http://www.rosniemyrazem.pl/competition_details.php?id=2536&cat=nb                                       this is link, can you click ..? :)

09:37 AM Mar 18 2009 |



Russian Federation

already did ;)


btw.. your baby is sooo cuuute))) 

01:38 PM Mar 19 2009 |