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What do you think about norwegian people?



Hello and for norwegian people Velkommen!
I live In Norway and I have sometimes question? what do you think about norwegian people? They are nice and helphy or they are …?

07:44 AM May 04 2009 |

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Hard question!, because I've never been to Norway. I only know  Norway from Telly. My father's been there and he loved it. He only complained about the cold, he said it was very cold.

But he spoke highly about  norwegians, so I have no reasons to complain about them.




08:11 AM May 04 2009 |



Russian Federation

Norway.. aww :) i so would like to visit it one day.. its fjords.. they look so tempting and gorgeous..


but Norway is damn expensive country =P


sorry, can't say anything abt "vikings" cause haven't met none of them yet..

10:06 AM May 04 2009 |




ouu..i don't know..I have never been Norway . :)and i don't have norweigian friends :p I can't help you.. soryy :p

11:47 AM May 04 2009 |




ı wanna go to there Smile veryyy muchh 

06:34 PM May 05 2009 |




I just know an uruguayan with noweigean ancestry, she is pretty =P and intelligent

07:19 PM May 15 2009 |



Tall people, white skinned.  I believe they are really open minded and friendly, even when they are considered in some countries as emotionless.

Uh… it´s like the characters of the movie "Fritz Viltt" (without counting the killer of course Laughing). By the way, the origin of my name is supposed to be norwegian, hehehe! 

10:21 PM May 15 2009 |




I had a friend who is taking a PhD in Norway… and he says that Norwegian are liberated…

There's always a live show… hahahaha!

But they are good and friendly…  I'm planning to get there also and have my PhD too…

01:08 AM May 16 2009 |



I'll give a short summary about norway.

We're considered rude because, we're not very formal in when we talk to strangers, (like the french). Also we don't say "please" all the time. 

We have one official language, but to written ones. (stupid if you ask me)

It is expensive to live here, yes, but a lot of things are free, like education and health care. Also there is great financial support from the state for those who need it. and it is one of the best countries to live in.

There is a LOT of beautiful nature here, and many enjoy it!

Also, we don't drive everywhere we need to go, like i think they do in the US. Usually kids walk to school and walking in the streets is not considered risky business.

Though many people are baptised, not a lot of people go to church and if someone said "I'll pray for you" norwegians will usually think you are VERY religious and probably al little wierd. 

Apart from that, I think norwegians are like most people.

(I have probably forgotten something, so please don't jump down my throat fellow norwgians)

05:50 PM Jun 11 2010 |



hi i live in norway if you have questions just ask ok:) and one thing very lot of people think we have blonde hair but very lot of people here in norway have brown hair.Laughing

05:07 PM Feb 22 2011 |



hi i live in norway and if you have a question just ask. one thing people think we here in norway have blonde hair but lot of us have brown hair. :)

05:09 PM Feb 22 2011 |