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Life Talk!

Free love




What do you think about free love? Tell your opinion
(for those who don’t understand the term – search in wikipedia)

01:57 PM May 04 2009 |

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Russian Federation

i think if ppl choose such kind of love/relations, then they for sure know what they are doing..
otherwise they only suffer..

02:19 PM May 04 2009 |



Free love? I mean, living together without being married??

Uh… Maybe it doesn´t suit everybody, but I know couples who have been in love for years and they are still happy living in that way.

If you ask me, I´d choose being married, hehehe! But everything could happens… Laughing

03:48 PM May 05 2009 |




Firstly, for teens who not only know what "free love" is, but cannot google it either.
Free love is not living together without being married. This is called a civil marriage.
Free love is when hookers work for free…
Well, and another variation is… Okay, here is a situation for example…
A party. You and a friend of yours are sipping beer. You say pointing on a girl who's giving a french kiss to another boy: "That one is my girlfriend. Hot, heh?"
"Oh, yeah! Mind to lend me?"
"Sorry, pal, but she's all scheduled till next Friday. My turn is only on Wednesday after that gгy in a red jгmper over there."

05:28 PM May 05 2009 |



United Kingdom


05:40 PM May 05 2009 |



Uh.. really?? It seems then that It doesn´t work for me!! Hahahaha!

06:24 PM May 05 2009 |




Dissipator, what an example lol :D. Hope those teens wont take your words seriously :D

07:25 PM May 05 2009 |



Eor me free love means

Love without sicknesses i.e.

when love is for the sake of love alone,

when nothing else mattrs.when nobody is using no body.

When there is trust.

07:38 PM May 05 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

free love , free love, free love …. i am free and i love you allLaughing... what's the problem ? Smile 

i think you mean " free behavior to expressing of love" 

07:58 PM May 05 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In my opinion, it can works well for finding our real loves, but we all need to be with one person finally.

And ppl won't continue it forever, cause they will find the real one finally and during free loving. Maybe it even takes so long, but finally,  ppl often will find him/her.

10:55 PM May 05 2009 |

Haitham Madi


sure we not need to discuss the ordinary meaning about free love and even we can not handle listening anybody say free love is living together without being married so we looking for the deep meaning are really we can found free love when somebody fall in love without seeking for benefits like sex or anything else. i`m speaking about searching for the purity in a relation ship cauz then we can found free love.it`s not only between two lovers and two very rare found lovers got free love but we can found that love from mother when she take care of kids, keep them away of bad stuff and learn them the right way that whole without asking for anything that really a small example and definition of what i think of free love and i think to( free love is when u can make a sacrifice for free) hah is that make any sense serious more than usual hahah i`m not gay guys i`m just a kind guy

05:27 AM May 06 2009 |